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Monday, January 16, 2012

Fozzie update

Well Fozzie started to go off lead last Tuesday and all is well with his leg. Over the past 4 days I have got braver with him. The first 2 days I was paranoid and every time he tried to run off after the other dogs I called him back, put a couple of the others on a lead and then let him go again. Since Friday I have let him run with them and have relaxed a little, although I am still not letting him have mad run around moments with them yet. He is now going up and down stairs again. I actually thought this would be good rear end exercise for him. If all is still well at the end of this week, once I've extended his exercise further, then I will re start some agility training. I will just start on very low small jumps and gradually build him up to full height again. I have cancelled his entry at Mid Downs in March ,so that even if he was fine I won't be tempted to run him. So all is looking good at the moment. :-)) I've decided to let Disney go back to Obedience training(just for fun) He is still so full of life and I feel I'd like to do something on a one to one basis with him again. Here is a little video of Disney taken last week. He so makes me smile and laugh, and particularly at the end when he tried to do his hide your eye trick when we supposed to be doing DC.

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