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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Rupert has arrived :-)

Well Rupert has arrived at the Ison house. He's 2 months old today. He has settled in really well and Chip, Woody and Fozzie love him.
Wispa tolerates him but Disney....... well Disney is just Disney. He HATES puppies :-( So he is being kept seperate from the little chap at the moment and is only meeting Rupert when one or other of them is safely in a crate or behind the baby gate. From previous experience it will take about 3-4 months before Disney accepts him. Its a real shame because I hate segregating any of my dogs and the other boys are so brilliant with him.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


We pick up Rupert next weekend,and we are very excited about it,but in the meantime here is a little video taken this week when we went for a visit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Puppy update


Well he's had his first clip, just his face & feet . Apparently he was a really good boy. We can now see his face markings aren't quite symetrical, so as he's imperfect we can't possibly have him..ha ha ( I am only joking :-) )
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

New Beginning

An exciting time for the Ison household, in particular Laura. In 2 weeks time a new edition is joining us. He's a Miniature Parti coloured Poodle who's name ,we think, is going to be Rupert.

We saw him today and he is wonderful. He is very outward going. We arrived at the house and he was the first one out to see us. He then spent the next 2 and half hrs playing with us, he tugged on a toy and interacted constantly with Laura. He was affectionate and just sooooo cute.

Laura has been so undecided about what puppy to go for next after losing Jake. Jake was a very special boy and she was tempted to go for a pure Lowchen, so we had been putting feelers out for a Lowchen breeder. I then heard of a litter of Lowchen x poodle puppies that were due soon. At first laura was really keen, it seemed like that would be the best of both worlds. However she kept worrying that she would always be comparing it to Jake. Then by chance we heard about this part coloured Miniature poodle puppy. He was the last in the litter to be chosen ,mainly because the purists in the parti poodle world prefer a 50/50 mix of black and white whereas he has more black on him. But personality wise he knocked spots of the others in the litter. However there was one problem and that was it was a boy. Laura had always said if she had another poodle it would have to be a little girlie again. We decided however to go and visit him and see. Well I think it was fate. Even if he wasn't the only puppy left he would definitely have been our pick of litter anyway. He showed himself off completely. Toy mad even at 6 wks old, he wasn't interested in the rest of the litter, he just wanted to play with Laura. None of the other puppies really came up to us at all, it was only him. It was truly meant to be.

Apparently he is due to have his first haircut tomorrow so hopefully we'll be sent some pics which I'll post.
Here is a little video also