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Friday, December 23, 2011

December catch up :-)

Well its almost the end of the year and Xmas is but 2 days away. Where has the year gone? 2 weeks ago I went down to see my best friend Jane down in Devon and her 18 x 5 wk old standard poodle puppies. I took Chip with me ,but I now wish I had taken Fozzie (more on that later)
Chip is such a wonderful dog to have around puppies, so gentle and patient, even when they decided he may be fair game for a quick suckle..lol I had 2 wonderful days there(thank you Jane) and I was soooo tempted to have one of the Apricot girl puppies. She is related to my late Libby and reminded me of her so much. But I have my heart set on another hairy cross breed. One day in the future I will have another Standard Poodle but not now. Talking of hairy crossbreeds, I had the opportunity back in August of actually having another first cross min poodle/collie. However the timing was totally wrong. Lauras Rupert was only 7 months old, and we had our holiday to Canada booked. I had pick of litter and they were also red merles. I was disappointed about the timing but put it out of my mind, that was until I heard last month that due to unfortunate circumstances the one the breeder had kept was re available . Sadly by the time I heard she had gone :-(( So next year my search will start. Back to Fozzie. When I went to Devon I left the other dogs at home. When I arrived back on the Saturday I wanted to take them all for a lovely walk. Laura and Steve are good about looking after them, but Laura hadn't been well so they hadn't had very long walks while I was away. So off I go. Nothing happened whilst I was out, well at least I didn't see anything and after an hr we came home. It was an unadventurous walk and the dogs pottered around, ran a little but by their normal standards it was pretty boring. Fozzie was 100% when I got in. I went out almost immediately to go xmas shopping. I was gone for about 4 hrs, but when I got in Fozzie was on 3 legs. He wouldn't weight bear on his back right hind leg at all. There seemed to be no discomfort, heat or pain and he didn't object to me touching it, he just wouldn't put it down. I have some Metacam so I gave him a dose and as I went to bed at midnight he still was on 3 legs. However in the morning he was completely sound. He was supposed to be doing a training session but I decided to err on the side of caution,(and I'm glad I did) and I didn't work him. He was fine all day, but he then went onto 3 legs again during the evening ! Next day he was sound again, however when I took him out for a pee he hopped a couple of time. I gave him the once over and I felt he was showing discomfort on one of his toes, it seemed a bit warm ? I decided there and then to take him straight to the vets. My vet could feel nothing and the only place she got any minor reaction was on his knee. Between us, and especially as he hadn't eaten we decided to get some xrays done to rule out any bone problems. My vet also said when he was sedated she could check his cruciate. The xrays found nothing and she felt his cruciate was ok, but without an MRI scan she couldnt be 100% ! but she did find that he had luxating patellas on full extension. At this stage she felt that this could possibly have been the problem although they've given no problem up till now. His grooves are very shallow and there is an operation that is very successful that could be done if this becomes a problem. So I was sent home with strict instructions to give him 10 days rest, anti inflammatories and then slowly introduce lead walking,hydrotherapy etc. If all is well then we can continue as normal, if not then we can consider the operation before any arthritis appears. So from that time till now he has been fine, no lameness or leg holding at all. He did 5 mins of hydrotherapy today and seemed great . However Laura said she though he was slightly lame when he got up to go for a wee about 3 hrs later :-(( Then I was watching TV tonight and I noticed him licking his front paw. When I examined it he had skinned the pad right off !!! How the hell he did that I just don't know ? I put some cream on it and a bandage and he was then limping on the front leg ,but worse still was holding his rear leg up at the same time ???? I rubbed his leg and he then put it down and walked normally. I am now totally bewildered as to what could have happened to him. Are these 2 things connected ??Why did he go onto 3 legs with his rear leg up ,when his front leg was bandaged ??? So its back onto rest again and wait and see :-( I will keep you updated , I just pray that this won't be the end of his agility career :-( Rupert update
< His agility training is going really well. He's mega keen, mega noisy and mega fun. Laura is loving him. Laura has decided to try running contacts using a hoop. She isn't disciplined enough to train everyday and doesn't like using a clicker, so doing running contacts with a mat and marking it would be difficult. She has spoken with several people and has decided to try this method with the understanding that she may have to do a 2 on and 2 off if it all turns pear shaped. At the moment he is driving to the end head lowered to go under the hoop, sometimes he's a little higher on the contact that I would like but more often its great so fingers crossed. Rupert is very toy orientated and extremely motivated by the toy so this is great.

So this just leaves me to say Have a Very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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