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Monday, September 26, 2011

Catch up time again.

I've just realised that I haven't done a proper catch up for nearly 2 months. Lots of news and results but I won't bore you with every single run we have done since middle July. At the end of July it was the Agility club show. I was called in on the second day to judge as one of the judges had been taken ill suddenly. Fortunately I was able to use her course with a little bit of tweaking to make it personal. It was scorching afternoon, and I really enjoyed myself. The bonus being as I wasn't called till lunchtime, I had been able to run at least 5 of my runs in the morning. Usually when judging you can't run your own dogs , but under these circumstances I had been able to. Chip unusually had a good weekend and had a 5th in Grade 6 jumping and also a good place in Grade 6/7 agility. Following the Agility Club came the KC Festival and DIN in August.I had a fantastic 2 weeks agility holiday . The dogs all worked really well. Fozzie did some lovely runs and so did Woody. I have done a little compilation video of Fozzie's runs. Unfortunately I only got a few of Woody's runs . I also got a few of Disney's runs. More about Disney later. I somehow always seem to get the worst of Chips runs, and the best go unrecorded, but to be honest , as I've said before, I've saved my videoing favours for Fozzie this year.I am sure people get very fed up with me keep on asking them to video me. Fozzie and Woody both qualified for the Finals of DIN. I was so absolutely thrilled. Woody's run went very pear shaped and sadly he got eliminated,however I was just so pleased to have got him into the Final. Fozzie was FAB. He was doing a stonking round and was clear right up to the dogwalk, I was really pushing him and he missed his dogwalk contact :-( The first time he has missed a contact in competition and it was in a final :-( He would have ended up 2nd and I can't pretend I wasn't disappointed. A real "if only" I was however still really pleased with his performance and theres always next year. I've also posted that video. Disney only did a splattering of runs. One was the YKC Jr Final at KC Festival. He was being a real star, but 2 jumps from the end he suddenly realised I wasn't there and came out to find me. Beth was really mature and good about this, she just came and got him and just put him over the last jump. He also did a pairs run with Jennie and Stella at DIN and he went clear, unfortunately Jennie got eliminated but we still had a great time. Here are a few runs from each dog from that fortnight. FOZZIE COMPILATION. Fozzie in the DIN Final Disney at KC Festival & DIN Woody . After this marathon Agility fortnight we went to Surrey Agility Show on Bank Holiday Monday. A one day show with a lovely atmosphere and once again a lovely day. Fozzie was a star and came 2nd in Grade 4 Agility, only being beaten by literally a fraction of a second. He also did a lovely grade 4-7 Helter Skelter run and came 11th beating some fast Grade 7 dogs. It was a real blast with a horrible angle to the weaves which he picked up beautifully. Unfortunately I had to dash to the ring from scribing so no video. Chip did a couple of lovely runs with just a pole down and Woody also did some lovely runs and also got placed in Grade 4 jumping. Here is Fozzie's Grade 4 second place video. Last but not least was Letchwoth in Sept. This show had a high and a low. I made the decision to retire Disney at this show. He has lost most of his hearing and I wanted to retire him whilst people can remember what a great dog he is and whilst he was still enjoying it . In my time I have seen many good dogs carry on running well past the time when they should have been retired. I have watched them struggle over the jumps and I've wondered to myself how fair that is. Disney will be 14 next year and it has been the most wonderful partnership of 12 years. Lots of my friends including his breeder came to watch his last run and they all clapped. It was very tearful and emotional. However the high of the show was Fozzie winning Grade 4 agility and he is now a Grade 5 dog. He won the class by 3 seconds and even beat the Grade 5 time by 5 seconds !! Although it was a nice run I can still see places he and I can improve, so I am excited about next year now. He had a very lucky seesaw in this run. He definitely got it but it wasn't a good contact by any means. I am always critical of my runs and one of the reasons I video my young dogs so much is to see how I can improve my handling and to see what needs to be trained more. Fozzie has already done more than I could ever have imagined when he first started and I am optimistic about his future in agility now. Here is his win I just had to put this video on as well. It is a little compilation I did of Disney's finest moments in his agility career. From his first run to his last. The quality of some of the video and stills is poor but it was pre digital.

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  1. It's December now, if you have nothing to say about your boys then perhaps you should go and get a puppy so that you can keep your blog up to date :-)