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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rugby July 2011

Last weekend was Rugby Agility show. The weather forecast was awful and I hummed and harred as to even bother to go. Eventually I decided to go even if it meant I wouldn't run my dogs. I was so pleased to see when I got there that they were using JDA equipment and all the contacts had rubber surfaces. I hate putting my dogs over wet contact equipment especially the dog walk. I am seriously thinking of getting my dog walk re surfaced with rubber for this very reason.
As it turned out I ran all but one of my classes in the dry and the sun even came out :-) Saturday afternoon was positively beautiful, with blue skies and sunshine.

Fozzie was fab again, and did a lovely Grade 4 agility run, coming in 3rd. The time differences from 1st -3rd place were tiny and I think if he had only driven more to the end of the dog walk, and hadn't been slightly tentative as he entered the weaves (I think this was because he had missed the entry on his 2 previous runs) the result could have been very different. He also had a bad angle over jump 9 ( shabby handling on my part again !!!) so here were 3 things in one run that could have been improved on ! This is why its so useful to video runs ( if I can) it shows just where the time difference is made or lost . In Grade 4 Jumping I also did some bad handling after the rigid tunnel which put him on a bad line to the jump ( familiar story !!) he also lost speed after a couple of turns. He still ended up in 7th place, so not too shabby. In 2 of his other runs they had terrible weave poles. The first 3 poles were slanting in opposite directions. I saw many dogs miss their entries and I knew that this may be a problem for Fozzie and Yes it was :-( He did fabulous runs but missed the entry. I intend to go into my field and deliberately set my V weaves up so the poles are all over the place so he learns that no matter how the poles are he enters correctly.
Here are his 2 good runs.

Chip and I once again were just not in sync so nothing to report there.

Woody was a good boy and came 11th in the grade 4 jumping ( sadly no video) Unfortunately on the Sunday the only run I did in the rain happened to be Woody's. We had been in a long queue and when we joined the sun was out. However in the 10-15 minutes we queued a black cloud came over and typically the moment we got to the start line the heavens opened. I was only wearing a T-Shirt and got soaked.
Woody sadly slipped as he took off for a jump, mistimed it and crashed the jump. He hurt his back leg and got up on 3 legs. I was panic stricken. I stopped and gave him a rub down and a little massage and Amanda the judge came over to check all was OK. Fortunately he must have just dead legged himself because he suddenly put his leg down and seemed ok..PHEW !!

Disney didn't compete this weekend.

As I type I am looking forward to 6 weeks off work starting tomorrow :-) As you know I am a childminder and all the children I mind have this years school holidays off. So I am off down to Devon to see my best mate Jane on Sat or Sunday for a few days. Followed by a long weekend at the Agilityclub show at Ardingly. I am then back home for about 5 days and then off up to Northampton to spend a few days chilling before the KC Festival and DIN. So I am sure the 6 weeks off will fly by.

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  1. I look like a scarecrow in your video lol - he was a good boy x