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Friday, July 08, 2011

Lots to catch up

Well at long last I've found the time to catch up and update my blog. I've been nagged constantly by my best friend Jane over the last few weeks, and as I'm going down to visit her in Devon in a couple of weeks I thought I should do a drastic update.

So whats been happening since April........

First up is Rupert. He has now turned 6 months old. He's had his first posh haircut and looks really cute. He seems to have stopped growing and certainly hasn't got much knuckle and Laura is really hoping he will be a small. He certainly measures small with a bit of room left so maybe he will, unfortunately if he goes over he will end up being a very small medium which won't be so good.
Laura had continued to take Rupert to pet obedience classes but was finding them quite boring so has stopped now. After my agility classes on a tuesday we've started some very very basic foundation work with him. Going through jump wings with poles on the ground, some lefts and rights, a few tunnels and some walking over the dogwalk with the plank on the floor. Laura hasn't decided on what method to train her contacts yet. I am encouraging her to try running contacts but she hates using the clicker and I feel the dogs need this marker for the running contacts so they know what is right. I feel to compete with the top small/medium dogs nowadays running contacts ( taught properly) are definitely the way to go, as long as enough time is put into them, this is where I think Laura will fall down, I'm just not sure how committed she will be with it. Whereas a stopped 2 on 2 off contact can be taught with less work. She's hoping to start a proper foundation class at another club soon so maybe that will spur her into making a decision.
Rupert continues to be full of enthusiasm, very up for everything and is beginning to get quite noisy. Here are a few pics and a little video of him doing his obedience.


Well I've done some lovely shows during May and June. My favourite by far was JDA show at Shuttleworth nr Biggleswade. The weather was glorious, the setting was beautiful, company was fabulous, great rubber surface on all the contacts and best of all Chip won his first Grade 6 Agility :-) On top of this Fozzie did some lovely work with several top 5 places and also qualified for the end of show finals. Unfortunately Fozzie is getting a pole down in most of his classes, however I just have to go and upset myself & go and see what his times were. In at least 3 classes over 2 shows he had the fastest time. This pleases me because I now know he is capable of a grade 4 win when it all comes together and the course is right for him. I am loving his attitude most of the time, however he can still go into la la land if things go wrong, he just stops and sort of stares into space as if he doesn't know what he's doing there. When he is the zone he's fab . I have noticed he has stopped stretching out as much over jumps again, so I am going to start the grids again. The other major issue I am having with him is the lunging/barking and being a general pain when we are queuing, he is obsessed with the dogs working. he totally wears me out before we even get in the ring and I'm sure this doesn't help his or my focus. This is another area I am working on . I now get him to lay down whilst queuing, and if he isn't then I am trying to get him focussed on me via play or titbits. This is work in progress.

Woody was fab as usual. He is definitely slowing down and I only do 2 classes with him now, sometimes only one. He'll be 9 at the end of the year and having a lot of time out last year with his shoulder injury I don't want to over do anything with him. Having said this he has produced some lovely work and several top ten places over the last month or so.

Disney is a star :-) I entered him in his first allsorts over 15" jumps. He LOVED it. I made an error in his first run and pulled him off a jump, but he went clear in his second run. They weren't giving places just treats for clear rounds. I just loved working my special boy.
However at Thames I had entered him in a normal class and he was great. Because of the way the show entries closes at some shows he'll be in allsorts and some in standard classes. I am getting him videod at all shows so I can check for myself he is ok jumping still. I am not doing any agility classes with now though.

After JDA I went onto Dartford and Keston in Essex. This was a lovely weekend but the weather broke on the Sunday and we had torrential rain. I used lot of Chips runs as training to practice his wait and also try some different stuff I've learned, including the*funny* turn which I succeeded in one run..you can see it on the video in a very tricky grade 6-7 class.

The following weekend was Thames. The weather once again was wet and windy. I didn't get any video of Chip or Woody :-( I got a little of Fozzie and I am sooooo pleased with his contacts but once again it was a pole issue. I didn't do one of Chips or Woody's runs on the Sunday because of the weather, I just couldn't risk them hurting themselves. Fortunately Fozzies were all in the morning before the really heavy rain came, as was Disney's single run.

The weekend before last was Lansdown at Bath Racecourse. I had decided never to camp at this show again as I hate the journey. There is a very long steep hill up to the racecourse and I struggled with my van last year. However Steve said I could borrow his VW camper van for the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed using it. It was very cozy. I only took the 3 younger dogs with me and at night they all found their own sleeping places, Fozzie deciding it was him to have the best spot sleeping right alongside me in the bed. But what a strange weekend weather wise. On the Saturday it was freezing cold and windy and also a bit drizzly, then on the Sunday we were sweltering in 30 degree heat !!!
. Its a nice relaxing show with only 2 graded runs for each dog on each day. Over this weekend Fozzie decided to keep the poles up but had an issue with the weaves and just couldn't find his entries ! Chip missed a contact on each day :-( and I mucked up his jumping runs. Woody once again was a good boy and in the very last run on the Sunday went clear and ended up in 6th or 7th place I think. They hadn't done the prize giving by the time I was ready to go at 5pm and unfortunately I had to leave to be home for a family BBQ.
Very limited videos from here because of wether and also trying to find someone to video for me. Everyone hides when they see me approach with my camcorder ;-)
However I do have Woody's round.


Well its been a bit up and down like most diet/fitness regimes. I still wear my arm band constantly and find it fascinating. I burn on average about 2,600 calories a day and walk in excess of 5-6 miles, then way more on show days. However over the past 3 weeks my diet has slipped. I had lost 11lbs up till then. I then put on 3 lbs over those last 3 weeks, however since last week I have now managed to lose 2 of those lbs again. So I'm now back on track, that is until I go down to Devon in 2 weeks !!

Last weekend I had a lovely weekend with my Mum and family. She came up to stay and we went up to Windsor for the day. Mum will be 90 in Febuary but she still managed a day of sightseeing ,finished off with a ride on the ferris wheel and a lovely meal out.
I just had to post these lovely pics of our day out.

My Lovely Boys :-)
Me and my Mum
The Family minus one daughter !

Windsor Castle

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