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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April News

What a fabulous April we're having weather wise. Hot Hot Hot. My weekend shows have now started, more on these later, plus a Rupert update .

But first my new gadget :-

Back last October I started Weightwatchers. It started well and I lost some weight, I really wanted to lose a stone in weight before the agility show season, however with the stresses in our house around that time with my Dad taken ill suddenly, then tragically dying . Then Lauras illness, and then the loss of little Jake the diet all went to pot.

So from November through to March the weight seemed to pile back on. We are going to Canada in September and so with renewed motivation I looked for another diet/exercise option and stumbled across this gadget called ki-fit on the Internet.It was developed originally for the medical industry to monitor patients in comas and on life support to see how many calories they burned and has since become a great hit to help people alter their lifestyles. Its basically a band you wear all day and night on your arm. It measures the amount of calories you burn, how much and what sort of exercise you do during the day, how many steps/miles you walk during the day and also how much sleep and what quality of sleep you are getting.You download the data onto your computer each day via the website and then you input your calorie intake. From this you can set the calorie deficit you would like and the machine keeps track of it. 500kcal a day deficit should give a steady 1-2lbs a week weight loss.I'm addicted to it. Its so motivational to know EXACTLY what calories/exercise/steps I'm taking every day, and if I've not done enough exercise to reach that 500 a day deficit I can do something about it ie go for a jog round the block with a dog.

So far I have lost 6 lbs in about 3 weeks so I am dead on target. I now know at agility shows I walk/run in excess of 10 miles a day, when I judged last weekend I walked over 10 miles just by moving in a figure of 8 in the centre of the ring !! . The weekend before I burned in excess of 3500 calories on one day !!! So watch this space. They reckon I should reach my target on July 27th (its that precise !!)


2 weeks ago was my first weekend show of the year..Wallingford at Newbury.
Disney competed in one run per day and although slower , as you would expect at nearly 13 yrs, he still amazed me. In his second run he was faster and I made a terrible handling error, but I was so chuffed with him. I have entered him in a couple of any size jumping courses at the next couple of shows, I now wish I hadn't as he is still running just great and probably will not be so good at the up and down courses of anysize. I'll soon know and then maybe can alter his classes accordingly
Fozzie put in a couple of nice rounds but had a pole down in each. I am loving his enthusiasm now. In his other rounds it was either a a case of shoddy handling from me, or he just wasn't listening !! I only have one decent video of him from the last 2 weekends unfortunately.
Woody was a star as always. he got a 5th in a Grade 4 Jumping and did some lovely work but sadly in some cases just not fast enough or had a pole down. Considering this time last year I wasn't even sure if he's ever be able to work again I am very pleased
The next weekend I was at Easter celebration at Ardingly. I judged on the first day. I had to stand in for someone who's Mum had sadly died and I only had 24hrs to design a course. It was Grade 1-3 Agility Pts 1 & 2 . I had designed a course that was flowing but did have some handling. I didn't want to have an ordinary up and down course, but I also had to bear in mind the standard I was judging. I was thrilled how the course ran for all the grades ,and I got some lovely comments from people afterwards. It was scorching day , about 26/27 degrees so I was glad it ran so smoothly.

The next day I was also ring partying as they were quite short on people. I found it difficult to run my dogs properly as I was quite tired from the previous day and it showed. I was very disappointed because it was the KC Novice qualifier , which I really wanted to do well in with Fozzie.
I hadn't walked the course properly, it was Fozzies first run and it just didn't go well at all !!! The only clear rounds of the day were from Woody again.

Chip in both the shows was just not in sync with me at all, but he is getting his start line wait. Its not a long wait but at least he stays put for the first couple of jumps.


Rupert is now 4 months old. He is a cracking little dog with lots of personality. Laura is taking him to pet obedience classes, mainly for socialisation and to do some basic work with him. Its a little class locally with only 4 other dogs there. He's coming on nicely. Its not competition style by any means but as Laura won't be doing competition obedience with him that's no problem. I'd LOVE to get my hands on him, he has real style and attitude.
He's been in the agility field and gone through some tunnels which he found great fun. But that it as far as any agility goes. Its just good solid ground work for now. Waits, recalls, go ons etc.
I've been a bit lax with the camera over the last month but here are a few of him


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