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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Rupert aged 2 months

Rupert has settled in so well. The boys are still in love and he is getting more and more confident every day. His house training is going really well. He goes immediately he is taken out and to date has only had 2 accidents indoors. He is almost sleeping right through to 7- 8am as well. Eating is not going quite so well and he is being a bit picky. I'm sure that will get better.

Today he had his first jab and he is feeling pretty poorly. He just wants to sleep and I hate it. I really hate vaccinations but the puppy jabs and first booster are so important. After that he will be titre tested to see if he need boosters each yr, just like I do for my other dogs. I feel very strongly that dogs do not need boosters every year and my Disney is proof of that. He's nearly 13 yrs old and he had his last booster at 2 years old. Every year since the titre test shows he is still 100% covered . I have had similar results with Woody and Chip. Disney's Mum died of an auto immune disease which has been proven can be a result of vaccination !! so there is no way I'll take any chances.

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