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Monday, March 28, 2011

Rupert 3 months old

Oh Dear , I've just realised Rupert has hit 3 months old and I havn't done a monthly update.

Well we call him the pit bull poodle. His teeth are razor sharp and he loves using them !!!
He is very feisty, extremely confident, very intelligent and great fun. He loves toys and will tug , fetch and generally play with toys for ever.
His house training is about 95% there. He has never poo'd in the house ,and has only ever had the odd wee accident if he gets over excited.
Vaccinations are all done and apart from being sleepy after the first jab he had no after effects at all. He eats like a horse and annoys the hell out of the other dogs. Disney still HATES him and 2 weeks ago we started to let them mix. Unfortunately Rupert did not take Disney seriously when Disney gave him every possible signal to go away. In the end Disney had a go at him. Rupert then kept a very wide berth and would run to us for cuddles as soon as Disney came in the room. However today Rupert seems to have forgotten and is pushing his luck again..I did say he was a confident puppy !!!

Here are some pics of him taken recently after a bath and clip.

This weekend just gone we met up with Ruperts Mum, Dad and Sister. His Sister decided to beat him up good and proper..poor Rupert...Lol
Here is a family photo

Left to Right....Poppy (sister) Daisy ( Mum) Rupert and Bertie ( Dad)

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