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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fozzie doing his progressive grid work training

I'm really pleased with how Fozzies grid work is coming on. He's curving nicely over the jumps, so much better than this time last year. I am trying to do a little grid work a couple of times a week.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


We were hoping that our new year would be a happier one, but poor Wispa is not looking good now.
She has been unwell since about October, she had a very slight cough from time to time and had had a couple of episodes where she went all wobbly on her back legs. She was originally treated for the cough with antibiotics , and when she had the rear end problem she went into the vets for the day. At first they thought she had had a stroke but she recovered so quickly they ruled that out, so she was put on a drip and given steroids.

She was kept on a low dose steroids for a while which also stopped her cough ??

However about 2 weeks ago, she started to cough badly again especially when she first got up from sleep, or got excited in any way. It was decided that Wispa really should have Blood tests, Xrays and Scans to see what was going on . She isn't insured so quite an expensive time !!

Well it appears she has quite a bad heart with fluid on the lungs as a result, a weak larynx, an under active thyroid and worse still kidney disease.

Tablets are helping the heart and thyroid, not much can be done for the larynx especially at her age, and she was put on a special diet for the Kidney disease.

Well after originally tucking into the food she stopped eating it. So I spent hours trawling the internet for various diets both processed, home cooked and raw suitable for kidney disease. The food MUST be low phosphorus and amazingly there are loads of food that are far too high in phosphorus.
It turned out that raw tripe is one of the best foods that can be fed to kidney patients.Raw tripe is very low in phosphorus and is very nutritious . She could also have a little high fat minced Beef and Lamb with it occasionally, Also pasta, short grained rice and fruit and veg.
So off we go and stock up on all the above, and originally as with the prescription food she tucked into it, however within 2 days she was refusing this as well. We have persevered but she is literally starving herself now, she can't be tempted with anything that she is supposed to have. Having said this she is still fairly bright.

We have since spoken with our vet, and although not ideal it looks like she is going to have to just eat whatever she wants, even though potentially it will damage her kidneys further. After all she HAS to eat.
Last night she wet herself over night, another worrying sign.

The prognosis looks bleak at this present time. Fingers crossed once again for dear Wispa. She is 14 and half now so at least we are more prepared than we were with Jake, but it doesn't make it any easier.

My Special Boys

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Training is back in earnest

Well after a very long break over Xmas and the New Year, I started back training my boys 2 weeks ago.
I struggled to find the motivation to get out & get going again. Leave home at 7 pm & drive to a cold indoor riding school.Then a ton of mud to negotiate to get into the venue, therefore ending up with not only very muddy dogs but covered in dirty sand as well. After training for 2 hrs , helping to put the equipment away and driving the 35 minutes home I don't get back till just before 11pm. I then have to give Fozzie & Chip a half bath ( belly downwards) to clean them up. I eventually sit down with a cuppa at about 11-30 and then its bath and bed for me.
I hate driving in the dark nowadays, especially when its raining which it has on the last 2 occasions, so you can see why I struggle.

Having said all that its been really worth it as far as Fozzie is concerned. He is coming on fantastically and believe it or not his work has been better than Chip ( who really is being quite erratic)

I also did a training morning with Toni this week. Wow Fozzie actually bounced jumped 3 jumps in a row, something I couldn't ever have imagined he would do. Contacts are brill. He's super good if I am in front of or level with him on the dogwalk ,but tends to be slower if I'm a bit behind. I need to teach him to drive more to the end when he's in front of me.

So all in all I am really excited about the coming show season with Mr Fozzie bear.

Woody is just going to be trained at home. His shoulder injury from last year is looking great, and his jump fitness is being increased gradually.

I took Disney to my vet to have a health check. She is amazed with him and in her own words said he's more like a 2 year old.

My own field is looking very sorry for itself. The endless rain, snow etc has given it a beating so I am really limiting how much I use it, Roll on Spring :-)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Aww so cute

Thought I would just post this picture of "Sully" He is my sons new addition. He is a Ragdoll kitten. Sorry the photo is not very good quality, it was taken on my phone without a flash. He spent his first week with an identity crisis. They had bought "him" as a "her". He was named Bella and my Sons girlfriend Emily was so happy. Then 3 days ago Emily got suspicious that she was maybe a he. I went round and checked and yes Bella was a boy !!
They were obviously disappointed but had already fallen in love with him so there was no way he was going back. The new name was a difficult one because nothing seemed to suit him after being a 'girl' for over a week :-)