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Friday, December 23, 2011

December catch up :-)

Well its almost the end of the year and Xmas is but 2 days away. Where has the year gone? 2 weeks ago I went down to see my best friend Jane down in Devon and her 18 x 5 wk old standard poodle puppies. I took Chip with me ,but I now wish I had taken Fozzie (more on that later)
Chip is such a wonderful dog to have around puppies, so gentle and patient, even when they decided he may be fair game for a quick suckle..lol I had 2 wonderful days there(thank you Jane) and I was soooo tempted to have one of the Apricot girl puppies. She is related to my late Libby and reminded me of her so much. But I have my heart set on another hairy cross breed. One day in the future I will have another Standard Poodle but not now. Talking of hairy crossbreeds, I had the opportunity back in August of actually having another first cross min poodle/collie. However the timing was totally wrong. Lauras Rupert was only 7 months old, and we had our holiday to Canada booked. I had pick of litter and they were also red merles. I was disappointed about the timing but put it out of my mind, that was until I heard last month that due to unfortunate circumstances the one the breeder had kept was re available . Sadly by the time I heard she had gone :-(( So next year my search will start. Back to Fozzie. When I went to Devon I left the other dogs at home. When I arrived back on the Saturday I wanted to take them all for a lovely walk. Laura and Steve are good about looking after them, but Laura hadn't been well so they hadn't had very long walks while I was away. So off I go. Nothing happened whilst I was out, well at least I didn't see anything and after an hr we came home. It was an unadventurous walk and the dogs pottered around, ran a little but by their normal standards it was pretty boring. Fozzie was 100% when I got in. I went out almost immediately to go xmas shopping. I was gone for about 4 hrs, but when I got in Fozzie was on 3 legs. He wouldn't weight bear on his back right hind leg at all. There seemed to be no discomfort, heat or pain and he didn't object to me touching it, he just wouldn't put it down. I have some Metacam so I gave him a dose and as I went to bed at midnight he still was on 3 legs. However in the morning he was completely sound. He was supposed to be doing a training session but I decided to err on the side of caution,(and I'm glad I did) and I didn't work him. He was fine all day, but he then went onto 3 legs again during the evening ! Next day he was sound again, however when I took him out for a pee he hopped a couple of time. I gave him the once over and I felt he was showing discomfort on one of his toes, it seemed a bit warm ? I decided there and then to take him straight to the vets. My vet could feel nothing and the only place she got any minor reaction was on his knee. Between us, and especially as he hadn't eaten we decided to get some xrays done to rule out any bone problems. My vet also said when he was sedated she could check his cruciate. The xrays found nothing and she felt his cruciate was ok, but without an MRI scan she couldnt be 100% ! but she did find that he had luxating patellas on full extension. At this stage she felt that this could possibly have been the problem although they've given no problem up till now. His grooves are very shallow and there is an operation that is very successful that could be done if this becomes a problem. So I was sent home with strict instructions to give him 10 days rest, anti inflammatories and then slowly introduce lead walking,hydrotherapy etc. If all is well then we can continue as normal, if not then we can consider the operation before any arthritis appears. So from that time till now he has been fine, no lameness or leg holding at all. He did 5 mins of hydrotherapy today and seemed great . However Laura said she though he was slightly lame when he got up to go for a wee about 3 hrs later :-(( Then I was watching TV tonight and I noticed him licking his front paw. When I examined it he had skinned the pad right off !!! How the hell he did that I just don't know ? I put some cream on it and a bandage and he was then limping on the front leg ,but worse still was holding his rear leg up at the same time ???? I rubbed his leg and he then put it down and walked normally. I am now totally bewildered as to what could have happened to him. Are these 2 things connected ??Why did he go onto 3 legs with his rear leg up ,when his front leg was bandaged ??? So its back onto rest again and wait and see :-( I will keep you updated , I just pray that this won't be the end of his agility career :-( Rupert update
< His agility training is going really well. He's mega keen, mega noisy and mega fun. Laura is loving him. Laura has decided to try running contacts using a hoop. She isn't disciplined enough to train everyday and doesn't like using a clicker, so doing running contacts with a mat and marking it would be difficult. She has spoken with several people and has decided to try this method with the understanding that she may have to do a 2 on and 2 off if it all turns pear shaped. At the moment he is driving to the end head lowered to go under the hoop, sometimes he's a little higher on the contact that I would like but more often its great so fingers crossed. Rupert is very toy orientated and extremely motivated by the toy so this is great.

So this just leaves me to say Have a Very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Catch up time again.

I've just realised that I haven't done a proper catch up for nearly 2 months. Lots of news and results but I won't bore you with every single run we have done since middle July. At the end of July it was the Agility club show. I was called in on the second day to judge as one of the judges had been taken ill suddenly. Fortunately I was able to use her course with a little bit of tweaking to make it personal. It was scorching afternoon, and I really enjoyed myself. The bonus being as I wasn't called till lunchtime, I had been able to run at least 5 of my runs in the morning. Usually when judging you can't run your own dogs , but under these circumstances I had been able to. Chip unusually had a good weekend and had a 5th in Grade 6 jumping and also a good place in Grade 6/7 agility. Following the Agility Club came the KC Festival and DIN in August.I had a fantastic 2 weeks agility holiday . The dogs all worked really well. Fozzie did some lovely runs and so did Woody. I have done a little compilation video of Fozzie's runs. Unfortunately I only got a few of Woody's runs . I also got a few of Disney's runs. More about Disney later. I somehow always seem to get the worst of Chips runs, and the best go unrecorded, but to be honest , as I've said before, I've saved my videoing favours for Fozzie this year.I am sure people get very fed up with me keep on asking them to video me. Fozzie and Woody both qualified for the Finals of DIN. I was so absolutely thrilled. Woody's run went very pear shaped and sadly he got eliminated,however I was just so pleased to have got him into the Final. Fozzie was FAB. He was doing a stonking round and was clear right up to the dogwalk, I was really pushing him and he missed his dogwalk contact :-( The first time he has missed a contact in competition and it was in a final :-( He would have ended up 2nd and I can't pretend I wasn't disappointed. A real "if only" I was however still really pleased with his performance and theres always next year. I've also posted that video. Disney only did a splattering of runs. One was the YKC Jr Final at KC Festival. He was being a real star, but 2 jumps from the end he suddenly realised I wasn't there and came out to find me. Beth was really mature and good about this, she just came and got him and just put him over the last jump. He also did a pairs run with Jennie and Stella at DIN and he went clear, unfortunately Jennie got eliminated but we still had a great time. Here are a few runs from each dog from that fortnight. FOZZIE COMPILATION. Fozzie in the DIN Final Disney at KC Festival & DIN Woody . After this marathon Agility fortnight we went to Surrey Agility Show on Bank Holiday Monday. A one day show with a lovely atmosphere and once again a lovely day. Fozzie was a star and came 2nd in Grade 4 Agility, only being beaten by literally a fraction of a second. He also did a lovely grade 4-7 Helter Skelter run and came 11th beating some fast Grade 7 dogs. It was a real blast with a horrible angle to the weaves which he picked up beautifully. Unfortunately I had to dash to the ring from scribing so no video. Chip did a couple of lovely runs with just a pole down and Woody also did some lovely runs and also got placed in Grade 4 jumping. Here is Fozzie's Grade 4 second place video. Last but not least was Letchwoth in Sept. This show had a high and a low. I made the decision to retire Disney at this show. He has lost most of his hearing and I wanted to retire him whilst people can remember what a great dog he is and whilst he was still enjoying it . In my time I have seen many good dogs carry on running well past the time when they should have been retired. I have watched them struggle over the jumps and I've wondered to myself how fair that is. Disney will be 14 next year and it has been the most wonderful partnership of 12 years. Lots of my friends including his breeder came to watch his last run and they all clapped. It was very tearful and emotional. However the high of the show was Fozzie winning Grade 4 agility and he is now a Grade 5 dog. He won the class by 3 seconds and even beat the Grade 5 time by 5 seconds !! Although it was a nice run I can still see places he and I can improve, so I am excited about next year now. He had a very lucky seesaw in this run. He definitely got it but it wasn't a good contact by any means. I am always critical of my runs and one of the reasons I video my young dogs so much is to see how I can improve my handling and to see what needs to be trained more. Fozzie has already done more than I could ever have imagined when he first started and I am optimistic about his future in agility now. Here is his win I just had to put this video on as well. It is a little compilation I did of Disney's finest moments in his agility career. From his first run to his last. The quality of some of the video and stills is poor but it was pre digital.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rugby July 2011

Last weekend was Rugby Agility show. The weather forecast was awful and I hummed and harred as to even bother to go. Eventually I decided to go even if it meant I wouldn't run my dogs. I was so pleased to see when I got there that they were using JDA equipment and all the contacts had rubber surfaces. I hate putting my dogs over wet contact equipment especially the dog walk. I am seriously thinking of getting my dog walk re surfaced with rubber for this very reason.
As it turned out I ran all but one of my classes in the dry and the sun even came out :-) Saturday afternoon was positively beautiful, with blue skies and sunshine.

Fozzie was fab again, and did a lovely Grade 4 agility run, coming in 3rd. The time differences from 1st -3rd place were tiny and I think if he had only driven more to the end of the dog walk, and hadn't been slightly tentative as he entered the weaves (I think this was because he had missed the entry on his 2 previous runs) the result could have been very different. He also had a bad angle over jump 9 ( shabby handling on my part again !!!) so here were 3 things in one run that could have been improved on ! This is why its so useful to video runs ( if I can) it shows just where the time difference is made or lost . In Grade 4 Jumping I also did some bad handling after the rigid tunnel which put him on a bad line to the jump ( familiar story !!) he also lost speed after a couple of turns. He still ended up in 7th place, so not too shabby. In 2 of his other runs they had terrible weave poles. The first 3 poles were slanting in opposite directions. I saw many dogs miss their entries and I knew that this may be a problem for Fozzie and Yes it was :-( He did fabulous runs but missed the entry. I intend to go into my field and deliberately set my V weaves up so the poles are all over the place so he learns that no matter how the poles are he enters correctly.
Here are his 2 good runs.

Chip and I once again were just not in sync so nothing to report there.

Woody was a good boy and came 11th in the grade 4 jumping ( sadly no video) Unfortunately on the Sunday the only run I did in the rain happened to be Woody's. We had been in a long queue and when we joined the sun was out. However in the 10-15 minutes we queued a black cloud came over and typically the moment we got to the start line the heavens opened. I was only wearing a T-Shirt and got soaked.
Woody sadly slipped as he took off for a jump, mistimed it and crashed the jump. He hurt his back leg and got up on 3 legs. I was panic stricken. I stopped and gave him a rub down and a little massage and Amanda the judge came over to check all was OK. Fortunately he must have just dead legged himself because he suddenly put his leg down and seemed ok..PHEW !!

Disney didn't compete this weekend.

As I type I am looking forward to 6 weeks off work starting tomorrow :-) As you know I am a childminder and all the children I mind have this years school holidays off. So I am off down to Devon to see my best mate Jane on Sat or Sunday for a few days. Followed by a long weekend at the Agilityclub show at Ardingly. I am then back home for about 5 days and then off up to Northampton to spend a few days chilling before the KC Festival and DIN. So I am sure the 6 weeks off will fly by.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rupert Foundation Agility aged 7 mths

Rupert started his foundation agility classes last week, and this week I went along to watch and obviously video. He certainly is enjoying himself

Friday, July 08, 2011

Lots to catch up

Well at long last I've found the time to catch up and update my blog. I've been nagged constantly by my best friend Jane over the last few weeks, and as I'm going down to visit her in Devon in a couple of weeks I thought I should do a drastic update.

So whats been happening since April........

First up is Rupert. He has now turned 6 months old. He's had his first posh haircut and looks really cute. He seems to have stopped growing and certainly hasn't got much knuckle and Laura is really hoping he will be a small. He certainly measures small with a bit of room left so maybe he will, unfortunately if he goes over he will end up being a very small medium which won't be so good.
Laura had continued to take Rupert to pet obedience classes but was finding them quite boring so has stopped now. After my agility classes on a tuesday we've started some very very basic foundation work with him. Going through jump wings with poles on the ground, some lefts and rights, a few tunnels and some walking over the dogwalk with the plank on the floor. Laura hasn't decided on what method to train her contacts yet. I am encouraging her to try running contacts but she hates using the clicker and I feel the dogs need this marker for the running contacts so they know what is right. I feel to compete with the top small/medium dogs nowadays running contacts ( taught properly) are definitely the way to go, as long as enough time is put into them, this is where I think Laura will fall down, I'm just not sure how committed she will be with it. Whereas a stopped 2 on 2 off contact can be taught with less work. She's hoping to start a proper foundation class at another club soon so maybe that will spur her into making a decision.
Rupert continues to be full of enthusiasm, very up for everything and is beginning to get quite noisy. Here are a few pics and a little video of him doing his obedience.


Well I've done some lovely shows during May and June. My favourite by far was JDA show at Shuttleworth nr Biggleswade. The weather was glorious, the setting was beautiful, company was fabulous, great rubber surface on all the contacts and best of all Chip won his first Grade 6 Agility :-) On top of this Fozzie did some lovely work with several top 5 places and also qualified for the end of show finals. Unfortunately Fozzie is getting a pole down in most of his classes, however I just have to go and upset myself & go and see what his times were. In at least 3 classes over 2 shows he had the fastest time. This pleases me because I now know he is capable of a grade 4 win when it all comes together and the course is right for him. I am loving his attitude most of the time, however he can still go into la la land if things go wrong, he just stops and sort of stares into space as if he doesn't know what he's doing there. When he is the zone he's fab . I have noticed he has stopped stretching out as much over jumps again, so I am going to start the grids again. The other major issue I am having with him is the lunging/barking and being a general pain when we are queuing, he is obsessed with the dogs working. he totally wears me out before we even get in the ring and I'm sure this doesn't help his or my focus. This is another area I am working on . I now get him to lay down whilst queuing, and if he isn't then I am trying to get him focussed on me via play or titbits. This is work in progress.

Woody was fab as usual. He is definitely slowing down and I only do 2 classes with him now, sometimes only one. He'll be 9 at the end of the year and having a lot of time out last year with his shoulder injury I don't want to over do anything with him. Having said this he has produced some lovely work and several top ten places over the last month or so.

Disney is a star :-) I entered him in his first allsorts over 15" jumps. He LOVED it. I made an error in his first run and pulled him off a jump, but he went clear in his second run. They weren't giving places just treats for clear rounds. I just loved working my special boy.
However at Thames I had entered him in a normal class and he was great. Because of the way the show entries closes at some shows he'll be in allsorts and some in standard classes. I am getting him videod at all shows so I can check for myself he is ok jumping still. I am not doing any agility classes with now though.

After JDA I went onto Dartford and Keston in Essex. This was a lovely weekend but the weather broke on the Sunday and we had torrential rain. I used lot of Chips runs as training to practice his wait and also try some different stuff I've learned, including the*funny* turn which I succeeded in one run..you can see it on the video in a very tricky grade 6-7 class.

The following weekend was Thames. The weather once again was wet and windy. I didn't get any video of Chip or Woody :-( I got a little of Fozzie and I am sooooo pleased with his contacts but once again it was a pole issue. I didn't do one of Chips or Woody's runs on the Sunday because of the weather, I just couldn't risk them hurting themselves. Fortunately Fozzies were all in the morning before the really heavy rain came, as was Disney's single run.

The weekend before last was Lansdown at Bath Racecourse. I had decided never to camp at this show again as I hate the journey. There is a very long steep hill up to the racecourse and I struggled with my van last year. However Steve said I could borrow his VW camper van for the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed using it. It was very cozy. I only took the 3 younger dogs with me and at night they all found their own sleeping places, Fozzie deciding it was him to have the best spot sleeping right alongside me in the bed. But what a strange weekend weather wise. On the Saturday it was freezing cold and windy and also a bit drizzly, then on the Sunday we were sweltering in 30 degree heat !!!
. Its a nice relaxing show with only 2 graded runs for each dog on each day. Over this weekend Fozzie decided to keep the poles up but had an issue with the weaves and just couldn't find his entries ! Chip missed a contact on each day :-( and I mucked up his jumping runs. Woody once again was a good boy and in the very last run on the Sunday went clear and ended up in 6th or 7th place I think. They hadn't done the prize giving by the time I was ready to go at 5pm and unfortunately I had to leave to be home for a family BBQ.
Very limited videos from here because of wether and also trying to find someone to video for me. Everyone hides when they see me approach with my camcorder ;-)
However I do have Woody's round.


Well its been a bit up and down like most diet/fitness regimes. I still wear my arm band constantly and find it fascinating. I burn on average about 2,600 calories a day and walk in excess of 5-6 miles, then way more on show days. However over the past 3 weeks my diet has slipped. I had lost 11lbs up till then. I then put on 3 lbs over those last 3 weeks, however since last week I have now managed to lose 2 of those lbs again. So I'm now back on track, that is until I go down to Devon in 2 weeks !!

Last weekend I had a lovely weekend with my Mum and family. She came up to stay and we went up to Windsor for the day. Mum will be 90 in Febuary but she still managed a day of sightseeing ,finished off with a ride on the ferris wheel and a lovely meal out.
I just had to post these lovely pics of our day out.

My Lovely Boys :-)
Me and my Mum
The Family minus one daughter !

Windsor Castle

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunny April evening walk

I just wanted to share these 2 pics that my hubby Steve took. I don't often get good pics of all my dogs together with me included, but I just love these.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April News

What a fabulous April we're having weather wise. Hot Hot Hot. My weekend shows have now started, more on these later, plus a Rupert update .

But first my new gadget :-

Back last October I started Weightwatchers. It started well and I lost some weight, I really wanted to lose a stone in weight before the agility show season, however with the stresses in our house around that time with my Dad taken ill suddenly, then tragically dying . Then Lauras illness, and then the loss of little Jake the diet all went to pot.

So from November through to March the weight seemed to pile back on. We are going to Canada in September and so with renewed motivation I looked for another diet/exercise option and stumbled across this gadget called ki-fit on the Internet.It was developed originally for the medical industry to monitor patients in comas and on life support to see how many calories they burned and has since become a great hit to help people alter their lifestyles. Its basically a band you wear all day and night on your arm. It measures the amount of calories you burn, how much and what sort of exercise you do during the day, how many steps/miles you walk during the day and also how much sleep and what quality of sleep you are getting.You download the data onto your computer each day via the website and then you input your calorie intake. From this you can set the calorie deficit you would like and the machine keeps track of it. 500kcal a day deficit should give a steady 1-2lbs a week weight loss.I'm addicted to it. Its so motivational to know EXACTLY what calories/exercise/steps I'm taking every day, and if I've not done enough exercise to reach that 500 a day deficit I can do something about it ie go for a jog round the block with a dog.

So far I have lost 6 lbs in about 3 weeks so I am dead on target. I now know at agility shows I walk/run in excess of 10 miles a day, when I judged last weekend I walked over 10 miles just by moving in a figure of 8 in the centre of the ring !! . The weekend before I burned in excess of 3500 calories on one day !!! So watch this space. They reckon I should reach my target on July 27th (its that precise !!)


2 weeks ago was my first weekend show of the year..Wallingford at Newbury.
Disney competed in one run per day and although slower , as you would expect at nearly 13 yrs, he still amazed me. In his second run he was faster and I made a terrible handling error, but I was so chuffed with him. I have entered him in a couple of any size jumping courses at the next couple of shows, I now wish I hadn't as he is still running just great and probably will not be so good at the up and down courses of anysize. I'll soon know and then maybe can alter his classes accordingly
Fozzie put in a couple of nice rounds but had a pole down in each. I am loving his enthusiasm now. In his other rounds it was either a a case of shoddy handling from me, or he just wasn't listening !! I only have one decent video of him from the last 2 weekends unfortunately.
Woody was a star as always. he got a 5th in a Grade 4 Jumping and did some lovely work but sadly in some cases just not fast enough or had a pole down. Considering this time last year I wasn't even sure if he's ever be able to work again I am very pleased
The next weekend I was at Easter celebration at Ardingly. I judged on the first day. I had to stand in for someone who's Mum had sadly died and I only had 24hrs to design a course. It was Grade 1-3 Agility Pts 1 & 2 . I had designed a course that was flowing but did have some handling. I didn't want to have an ordinary up and down course, but I also had to bear in mind the standard I was judging. I was thrilled how the course ran for all the grades ,and I got some lovely comments from people afterwards. It was scorching day , about 26/27 degrees so I was glad it ran so smoothly.

The next day I was also ring partying as they were quite short on people. I found it difficult to run my dogs properly as I was quite tired from the previous day and it showed. I was very disappointed because it was the KC Novice qualifier , which I really wanted to do well in with Fozzie.
I hadn't walked the course properly, it was Fozzies first run and it just didn't go well at all !!! The only clear rounds of the day were from Woody again.

Chip in both the shows was just not in sync with me at all, but he is getting his start line wait. Its not a long wait but at least he stays put for the first couple of jumps.


Rupert is now 4 months old. He is a cracking little dog with lots of personality. Laura is taking him to pet obedience classes, mainly for socialisation and to do some basic work with him. Its a little class locally with only 4 other dogs there. He's coming on nicely. Its not competition style by any means but as Laura won't be doing competition obedience with him that's no problem. I'd LOVE to get my hands on him, he has real style and attitude.
He's been in the agility field and gone through some tunnels which he found great fun. But that it as far as any agility goes. Its just good solid ground work for now. Waits, recalls, go ons etc.
I've been a bit lax with the camera over the last month but here are a few of him


Monday, March 28, 2011

Rupert 3 months old

Oh Dear , I've just realised Rupert has hit 3 months old and I havn't done a monthly update.

Well we call him the pit bull poodle. His teeth are razor sharp and he loves using them !!!
He is very feisty, extremely confident, very intelligent and great fun. He loves toys and will tug , fetch and generally play with toys for ever.
His house training is about 95% there. He has never poo'd in the house ,and has only ever had the odd wee accident if he gets over excited.
Vaccinations are all done and apart from being sleepy after the first jab he had no after effects at all. He eats like a horse and annoys the hell out of the other dogs. Disney still HATES him and 2 weeks ago we started to let them mix. Unfortunately Rupert did not take Disney seriously when Disney gave him every possible signal to go away. In the end Disney had a go at him. Rupert then kept a very wide berth and would run to us for cuddles as soon as Disney came in the room. However today Rupert seems to have forgotten and is pushing his luck again..I did say he was a confident puppy !!!

Here are some pics of him taken recently after a bath and clip.

This weekend just gone we met up with Ruperts Mum, Dad and Sister. His Sister decided to beat him up good and proper..poor Rupert...Lol
Here is a family photo

Left to Right....Poppy (sister) Daisy ( Mum) Rupert and Bertie ( Dad)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Rupert aged 2 months

Rupert has settled in so well. The boys are still in love and he is getting more and more confident every day. His house training is going really well. He goes immediately he is taken out and to date has only had 2 accidents indoors. He is almost sleeping right through to 7- 8am as well. Eating is not going quite so well and he is being a bit picky. I'm sure that will get better.

Today he had his first jab and he is feeling pretty poorly. He just wants to sleep and I hate it. I really hate vaccinations but the puppy jabs and first booster are so important. After that he will be titre tested to see if he need boosters each yr, just like I do for my other dogs. I feel very strongly that dogs do not need boosters every year and my Disney is proof of that. He's nearly 13 yrs old and he had his last booster at 2 years old. Every year since the titre test shows he is still 100% covered . I have had similar results with Woody and Chip. Disney's Mum died of an auto immune disease which has been proven can be a result of vaccination !! so there is no way I'll take any chances.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Rupert has arrived :-)

Well Rupert has arrived at the Ison house. He's 2 months old today. He has settled in really well and Chip, Woody and Fozzie love him.
Wispa tolerates him but Disney....... well Disney is just Disney. He HATES puppies :-( So he is being kept seperate from the little chap at the moment and is only meeting Rupert when one or other of them is safely in a crate or behind the baby gate. From previous experience it will take about 3-4 months before Disney accepts him. Its a real shame because I hate segregating any of my dogs and the other boys are so brilliant with him.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


We pick up Rupert next weekend,and we are very excited about it,but in the meantime here is a little video taken this week when we went for a visit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Puppy update


Well he's had his first clip, just his face & feet . Apparently he was a really good boy. We can now see his face markings aren't quite symetrical, so as he's imperfect we can't possibly have him..ha ha ( I am only joking :-) )
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

New Beginning

An exciting time for the Ison household, in particular Laura. In 2 weeks time a new edition is joining us. He's a Miniature Parti coloured Poodle who's name ,we think, is going to be Rupert.

We saw him today and he is wonderful. He is very outward going. We arrived at the house and he was the first one out to see us. He then spent the next 2 and half hrs playing with us, he tugged on a toy and interacted constantly with Laura. He was affectionate and just sooooo cute.

Laura has been so undecided about what puppy to go for next after losing Jake. Jake was a very special boy and she was tempted to go for a pure Lowchen, so we had been putting feelers out for a Lowchen breeder. I then heard of a litter of Lowchen x poodle puppies that were due soon. At first laura was really keen, it seemed like that would be the best of both worlds. However she kept worrying that she would always be comparing it to Jake. Then by chance we heard about this part coloured Miniature poodle puppy. He was the last in the litter to be chosen ,mainly because the purists in the parti poodle world prefer a 50/50 mix of black and white whereas he has more black on him. But personality wise he knocked spots of the others in the litter. However there was one problem and that was it was a boy. Laura had always said if she had another poodle it would have to be a little girlie again. We decided however to go and visit him and see. Well I think it was fate. Even if he wasn't the only puppy left he would definitely have been our pick of litter anyway. He showed himself off completely. Toy mad even at 6 wks old, he wasn't interested in the rest of the litter, he just wanted to play with Laura. None of the other puppies really came up to us at all, it was only him. It was truly meant to be.

Apparently he is due to have his first haircut tomorrow so hopefully we'll be sent some pics which I'll post.
Here is a little video also

Monday, January 31, 2011

Fozzie doing his progressive grid work training

I'm really pleased with how Fozzies grid work is coming on. He's curving nicely over the jumps, so much better than this time last year. I am trying to do a little grid work a couple of times a week.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


We were hoping that our new year would be a happier one, but poor Wispa is not looking good now.
She has been unwell since about October, she had a very slight cough from time to time and had had a couple of episodes where she went all wobbly on her back legs. She was originally treated for the cough with antibiotics , and when she had the rear end problem she went into the vets for the day. At first they thought she had had a stroke but she recovered so quickly they ruled that out, so she was put on a drip and given steroids.

She was kept on a low dose steroids for a while which also stopped her cough ??

However about 2 weeks ago, she started to cough badly again especially when she first got up from sleep, or got excited in any way. It was decided that Wispa really should have Blood tests, Xrays and Scans to see what was going on . She isn't insured so quite an expensive time !!

Well it appears she has quite a bad heart with fluid on the lungs as a result, a weak larynx, an under active thyroid and worse still kidney disease.

Tablets are helping the heart and thyroid, not much can be done for the larynx especially at her age, and she was put on a special diet for the Kidney disease.

Well after originally tucking into the food she stopped eating it. So I spent hours trawling the internet for various diets both processed, home cooked and raw suitable for kidney disease. The food MUST be low phosphorus and amazingly there are loads of food that are far too high in phosphorus.
It turned out that raw tripe is one of the best foods that can be fed to kidney patients.Raw tripe is very low in phosphorus and is very nutritious . She could also have a little high fat minced Beef and Lamb with it occasionally, Also pasta, short grained rice and fruit and veg.
So off we go and stock up on all the above, and originally as with the prescription food she tucked into it, however within 2 days she was refusing this as well. We have persevered but she is literally starving herself now, she can't be tempted with anything that she is supposed to have. Having said this she is still fairly bright.

We have since spoken with our vet, and although not ideal it looks like she is going to have to just eat whatever she wants, even though potentially it will damage her kidneys further. After all she HAS to eat.
Last night she wet herself over night, another worrying sign.

The prognosis looks bleak at this present time. Fingers crossed once again for dear Wispa. She is 14 and half now so at least we are more prepared than we were with Jake, but it doesn't make it any easier.

My Special Boys

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Training is back in earnest

Well after a very long break over Xmas and the New Year, I started back training my boys 2 weeks ago.
I struggled to find the motivation to get out & get going again. Leave home at 7 pm & drive to a cold indoor riding school.Then a ton of mud to negotiate to get into the venue, therefore ending up with not only very muddy dogs but covered in dirty sand as well. After training for 2 hrs , helping to put the equipment away and driving the 35 minutes home I don't get back till just before 11pm. I then have to give Fozzie & Chip a half bath ( belly downwards) to clean them up. I eventually sit down with a cuppa at about 11-30 and then its bath and bed for me.
I hate driving in the dark nowadays, especially when its raining which it has on the last 2 occasions, so you can see why I struggle.

Having said all that its been really worth it as far as Fozzie is concerned. He is coming on fantastically and believe it or not his work has been better than Chip ( who really is being quite erratic)

I also did a training morning with Toni this week. Wow Fozzie actually bounced jumped 3 jumps in a row, something I couldn't ever have imagined he would do. Contacts are brill. He's super good if I am in front of or level with him on the dogwalk ,but tends to be slower if I'm a bit behind. I need to teach him to drive more to the end when he's in front of me.

So all in all I am really excited about the coming show season with Mr Fozzie bear.

Woody is just going to be trained at home. His shoulder injury from last year is looking great, and his jump fitness is being increased gradually.

I took Disney to my vet to have a health check. She is amazed with him and in her own words said he's more like a 2 year old.

My own field is looking very sorry for itself. The endless rain, snow etc has given it a beating so I am really limiting how much I use it, Roll on Spring :-)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Aww so cute

Thought I would just post this picture of "Sully" He is my sons new addition. He is a Ragdoll kitten. Sorry the photo is not very good quality, it was taken on my phone without a flash. He spent his first week with an identity crisis. They had bought "him" as a "her". He was named Bella and my Sons girlfriend Emily was so happy. Then 3 days ago Emily got suspicious that she was maybe a he. I went round and checked and yes Bella was a boy !!
They were obviously disappointed but had already fallen in love with him so there was no way he was going back. The new name was a difficult one because nothing seemed to suit him after being a 'girl' for over a week :-)