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Friday, December 03, 2010


 After a terrible tragic October, we now face another awful month.

Please say some prayers for our Dear Little Jake.

2 weeks ago Laura noticed that he was breathing deeply and every now and again would cough, he had also lost a bit of weight, however the symptoms seemed to disappear as quickly as it came. However last Thursday when he was sitting next to her she noticed his breathing was exaggerated again. She took him to our vet the next day and she listened to his heart and found he had a heart Murmur and what she thought was slight fluid on the chest. She gave Jake various medications and said if there was no improvement with 3-4 days she would refer him to a heart specialist. Over the weekend Jake seemed to deteriorate more and by Monday he was really picking at his food. Jake is normally a real pig with a passion for bananas but he just wasn't interested in anything we offered. He'd go to eat it then drop it on the floor. Clearly something wasn't right. Laura phoned the Vet and she immediately phoned the specialist who fitted Jake in on Wednesday morning. Our Vet was now also suspecting Lungworm as a possible culprit. On Wednesday morning Laura took Jake to the specialist and he did a thorough examination and suggested Jake may have a pneumonia going on. He admitted Jake so he could do some tests and X Rays. When Laura phoned back at 3pm she immediately knew something wasn't right, they told her they would have to ring back because they were actually in the process of doing a sterile procedure with Jake ! Laura waited and waited and eventually got the call to come to the surgery. She had to wait right to the end when everyone had gone , she was then called into the consulting room and told to sit down. She just couldn't ever have been prepared for the bomb shell that came. He was almost certain that Jake had Lung Cancer, and when asked the prognosis he said he could possibly only have weeks not months to live ! He's only 9 years old .. From that moment Laura really couldn't take in everything he was saying. She was so upset and just couldn't stop crying. I would have gone with her if we had known it was something so awful. Poor Laura then had to drive all the way home on her own in a terrible state.

The next day I phoned the specialist to speak with him and get the full details which Laura couldn't take in. Briefly it seems they were equally as shocked at what they found. Jakes lungs are filled with about a 100 or more cm sized lumps.
However there is a 2% chance that he may have something called Granuloma Lung disease, which apparently is very rare but can show up like cancer on X Rays. So they have taken a sterile wash/biopsy straight from the trachea into the lungs and sent it off for testing. The results will be back Monday and we are praying with all our hearts that this is what it is.

If not then we have some hard decisions to make. The Vet is talking about chemotherapy ,but I'm not sure about this even though off course Laura wants to give it a try. The vet says 50% of dogs respond really really well with no side effects and although not a cure will prolong life for maybe a yr or so. However there are dogs that respond badly and are very ill. I feel if Jake only has a few weeks we want to make them nice not miserable.
I think once we know on Monday what is the exact prognosis we can then talk and make more informed decisions then.
Yesterday Jake really perked up and has started eating again( he is on other medication for his heart and breathing) he wanted to play and was bouncing around the garden. This had cheered Laura up, and given her hope that they will find these granulomas.
I took some photos yesterday of Jake in the Garden playing, its hard to imagine he may be so ill :-(


  1. Laura, so sorry to hear about Jake. Like everyone else I hope he has the granulomas and not cancer(is that a treatable condition?). He is a very big character in a little dog and I know how much he means to you. If you think about chemo make sure you are putting Jake 1st, I'm sure you'll make the right decision. Thinking of you all.

  2. Hi Jane

    Yes the granulomas are treatable, so we're praying hard