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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank goodness October has gone !

I thought I ought do an update as its over a month since I have.

October was a BAD month for me. My Daughter was taken into hospital, she has Ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease. She's had it for about 15 years now but its really taken a bad turn for the worse. Then my son got blood poisoning and was very ill. They think he may have been bitten ! by what we don't know but its now 4 weeks since the first signs and he is still suffering. But worse still my Dad was rushed into hospital at the beginning of the month with a suspected stroke/heart attack. he was in hospital for 2 weeks and after the first 3-4 days seemed to be rallying round. He was conscious, talking and generally being stubborn like only my Dad could be. We had a couple of jokes with him, one being me saying he needed a shave and maybe he should start going for interviews for Santa. He laughed and agreed. However over the following week he deteriorated rapidly and after about 10 days we were told that the prognosis was very bad. He was a strong character and was stubborn to the end, he held on way beyond what was expected.
On Monday 18th October Dad passed away with dignity at 6-30pm with all of his family around him. He was 92 years old, a fantastic Dad, wonderful husband and will be greatly missed by everyone.

Dad March 11th 1918 -- October 18th 2010

So it was with a great relief when November came. I went back to training with the boys who had been very neglected during the previous 3 weeks. I actually think the time off had been good for them. Fozzie did a training day with Natasha Wise. He was awesome( as our American friends would say)  I am thrilled with how he is progressing. Training back at both Pachesham and Bookham was also great. He is focusing much more and up till now I couldn't work him side by side with another group of dogs at Bookham. He would just run off to chase the other dog which is just not fair on other people, so I would wait till there was a gap and no-one working or they would stop running a dog when I went. Well in the last 2 weeks I have been able to run him whilst another dog works. However It has to be a fairly non exciting dog, but Fozzie has managed to compete a whole sequence with another dog on course.....great progress. However he is getting more and more hyped by other dogs working , which I'm not happy about so I'm now working on getting him clued into me totally whilst waiting out turn. If I relax even a little he lunges on the lead barking which I really hate. 
Chip is driving me to drink..hic hic.  He has become very headstrong and I just can't get into tune with him. We are all over the place. When he listens and works he's totally fantastic..turns to die for, reliable contacts and fast. however if he's not in the zone he's a total nightmare..sometimes reminds me of his Uncle Disney !!!
Maybe its just me ..lol

We had our last show of the year last week, North Downs. I didn't enter Disney, I'm not sure how much I will do with him now. He's as keen as ever but he is 12 , so I am going to just wait and see what next year holds.
I entered Woody in 2 classes and bless him, he got 11th in Grade 4-5 Agility. He had the first pole down in the jumping but did the rest of the round beautifully.
It was Fozzie's first Grade 4 show & he did a Fab Grade 3-4 Jumping coming in 12th, A missed weave was his only downfall in the Grade 4-5 Agility, but it meant I could train his contacts. However on his last run he was VERY naughty on his start line waits. He had no intention of waiting at all and after the 3rd attempt I removed him from the ring. No wait means no play !
Chip was a disaster..so naughty and my crap handling didn't help. I sort of gave up in the 5-7 jumping, He didn't wait which put me in a bad position for the second jump which he crashed, he then went on to miss another  jump had another pole down and then flew into the wrong end of the tunnel..all a total train wreck really. His agility was marginally better, but not much !! His best run was the 6-7 jumping but I left him for dead by  running to get myself into a better position, so he came round a jump. The rest of the run was actually pretty ok, so at least we finished on a more positive note.
We have lots and lots to work on over Winter. Fozzies start line is a must, I am going to try something different with him. With Chip its all going to be control work because this is what I've lost since his increase in speed and confidence.

Very little video of North Downs apart from Fozzie's runs including his naughty start lines. He does make me smile though. Here is the video

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  1. Naughty fozzie must be talkin to Zaz! :-) He looks great Rosie!