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Monday, September 27, 2010


My clever boy Fozzie, aka The Hairy Muppet has WON grade 3 agility, so moving him up to Grade 4 :-) I am so proud of him.
I really wanted to win out of Grade 3 with Fozzie. Its a lovely class for baby dogs to start out in, but I wanted more of a challenge than just straight up and down ! Also the class sizes of Large grade 3 are enormous. Most shows split Grade 3 into at least 3 classes because of the shear numbers, often in excess of 600+ dogs !! If they don't split then the class sizes are huge. Fozzie won out of a class of 285 dogs ! The class he won wasn't just an up and down( thank goodness), it was tricky with lots of handling. At the end of the class only 23 dogs had gone clear !!!!

He nearly won out the day before but he knocked a pole. He had the fastest round including the fastest 5 faults ! Coupled with the show a couple of weeks ago where he was beaten by such a small margin, I now knew he had the potential to do it , it was just a case of wondering if he actually would !
So in his last class of 2010 ( unless we brave the cold and do North Downs in November) he did me proud and won it. Whilst watching the video I can still see places where we can improve things so he has way more in him. It will be lovely to be in Grade 4 with him next year, the same class as Woody..Phew less course walking ;-)

Who would have thought that my little lad who bought me to tears so many times at the beginning of this year, and who I thought may never make an agility dog did so well.
Roll on the 2011 show season. However lots of winter training & areas to work on.

He's got a bit naughty with his start line waits during the last month or so, he's great at training but he's got very show wise, so that's one area to work on during winter. However his weaves have turned out brilliantly and also his dogwalk contact. I have been doing a quick stop go up till now at shows, but in training I do stop, play & then go. But for the last 2 shows I have done almost a running dogwalk (or so it appears) I still give a release as his feet touch the ground but it is instant. I am sure this has helped the speed.

Here is a video of his winning round ,and then one below of some of his other runs including the near miss ! Also his last run on this video is the Helter Skelter. Although he had 2 poles down, he had a lovely jump style for most of the round.


  1. Fantastic Rosie and well done to you both. I have been reading your blogs to keep up with Fozzie's progress and he is looking so good, he was like my dog at the beginning of the season and I was wondering if she would ever get there and now she is grade 4. Roll on next season and keep up the good work over the winter. I am going to do alot more jumping grids as it has worked for you and Fozzie

  2. Brilliant stuff... very impressed - do you teach 2x2 weaves? Or channel? Or Open V?

    whatever it is, he seems to go with a brililant rhythm.

    well done.

  3. Hi Macha

    I taught Fozzie channel weaves to start and then he went to V weaves. His weaves caused me all sorts of problems though. If you go back on my blog about 2-3 months you can read all about it.