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Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost there !

Well only one more weekend show to go and maybe one winter show and that's it till next March :-(
I just wanted to post this about Fozzie this weekend at Trent Park with a small video. It was a Grade 1-5 combined jumping class and it had an angle after the weaves over a jump. Ideally( with a more experienced dog) I would have switched behind the weaves to pull Fozzie over to the jump, however it would have meant an acute switch behind the weaves and with the previous issues with the weaves I didn't want to do anything that would upset Fozzies confidence. My other option would have been a front cross after the weaves but once again I felt I shouldn't do that, also only having 6 weaves it didn't really give enough time for this !! I ran Woody in the class first and I was able to get to the end of the weaves and push him over the jump( No video I'm afraid) Woody did this beautifully and ended up clear and in fact ended up having a run off for a place..I left before the prize giving, but I think it was for about 12th. Anyway I digress, so back to Fozzie. He picked up another gear in this class and unfortunately cut in front of me at the end of the weave to take the jump straight in front. Extremely shoddy handling from me caused this, I just needed to be quicker by the weaves get to the end and then POINT towards the jump !!! I really need to smack myself for this, Terrible :-( Studying this video it made me realise I really don't give him as much help as I should i.e hand signals
However what I am so pleased about was his jumping and attitude. He's really driving over the jumps and is so much more committed, also his style is improving ten fold.
I hope Lisa and Gemma watch this video , because they gave me so much advice re jump grids and exercises to help him understand *how* to jump,and I am sure that has helped along with a thorough warm up massage/stretch routine beforehand.

I am now so excited about next year with Fozzie. He has come a long way since we started training this time last year. I didn't dream he's ever become this good. OK he hasn't reached the dizzy heights of Grade 5 or 6 like a lot of his fellow puppy mates have, but for me he has done amazingly and I am very proud of him.

Here is the video.

Just wanted to finish this post with Mr Woody..3 runs at the weekend and 3 places, to think 6 months ago I thought he may never work again !!! What a boy :-)


  1. Hi Rosie, I did read it :) Thanks for the lovely comment about me helping you.

    He looks much better, he is extending now instead of tucking and just looks more comfortable. Think he could still do with taking off earlier but he is very much improved! You should be proud Rosie x

  2. He's a different dog to the one I saw at training 5 months ago. Well done.