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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet Apollo !!!

I bet you read my title and thought I had succumbed to the tempatation of another puppy again?
Well no not this time...I've got a new car !!
I had a little shopper Daewoo Matiz before, I loved it but it really was just a little too small. I found I was using it more and more, and only using my van for dog shows or dog walking. Any journey where I was taking just one , maybe two dogs ,as long as it was a clean journey ie where the dogs were clean to start with and were not going to get dirty at the other end (like a vet trip or media work etc) I was using the car. Far easier to park, more economical to run and nicer to drive.
I felt the time had come to upgrade it a little so I decided to get an automatic( a first for me) Honda Jazz. So far I love it.

So meet Apollo...if you look at the number plate you'll know why she is so called !!!!

Back to Agility..I have the Agility Club show this weekend. I will update my blog on the agility shows since Axtane after this weekend, after this I am then on my marathon 2 weeks away to the KC Festival and D.I.N.
Briefly I am pleased with Fozzie, still no clear rounds unfortunately.. just the dreaded weaves still being a problem. His jumping skills are coming on, I will post some videos next time. I just haven't had the time to edit & download the last few shows.

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