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Monday, June 14, 2010

June update

I was told off at the weekend for not updating my blog ( sorry heather ;-) so here goes.....

Where shall I begin ? We had almost a month off from shows during May, I actually really enjoyed my time off from shows catching up on things at home.

Chip has now been castrated and all is very well. He was very uncomfortable for the first 48 hrs and could hardly walk. He went 24 hrs without a pee because he couldn't stand up let alone walk, not because there was anything unduly wrong just because he wouldn't. About 5 days after the op, he was still quite swollen so I took him back to the vets. He was quite red so she gave him an anti-inflammatory jab, and within 24 hrs everything was so much better. I started working him again after 3 wks and competed after 4. He has gone up a gear and is faster then ever now I think.

Fozzie continues to be an ongoing project. I have great highs with him and then awful lows. One training session he is wonderful and then the next he's dire. About 2 weeks ago I was going to give up with him(seriously) I had an awful session with him at club. He was unmotivated, couldn't care less, wouldn't play and then when I did work him he did 2 obstacles and went off to sniff the sand and look for horse poo. I did try & persevere but I found myself getting increasingly cross and that is just a no no.
I came home and considered pulling him out of any training/ shows etc until next year.

I was also hearing all about the various other puppies of his age that had just come out at shows, doing wonderful stuff and here I was still struggling with Fozzie. I know one shouldn't compare but you just can't help it..There's Charlottes Scandal, Karen's Yazz,Bernadettes Zitzy Pups, Pia's Sola, Sharons Diesel (to name a few) who all came out at roughy the same time and have all gained top 5 places at KC shows and some have even won out of Gd 3. Then there's also the comparison to my own previous dogs..EVEN my standard Poodles. ALL my previous 5 dogs have come out at 18mths and have gone clear immediately and gained several top 5 places within their first few months. Disney even went from Starter to Senior in his first season and Chip from Gd 3 to Grade 5 when the criteria for moving up the classes took longer!! Where have I gone wrong with Fozzie ??
Everything with Fozz has been 1 step forward and 2 back, its just been soooo frustrating.

However I have decided to stick with it and continue.
We went away the following week after the bad club session to Devon(more on that later) so he had a nice week off and when we went back it was like having a different dog !!! He was fab. Great waits, motivated, keen, he did all is weaves everytime and really listened. I was so pleased with him.
I've decided after this that if I ever get to training and he switches off and I become frustrated to just leave and go home.

Woody is still having treatment and massage in the hope that maybe he may be able to work again. I went to see a lady associated with Galen therapy massage called Liz Pope ,who studies the way the dog moves etc. She then gives you exercises to build the dogs muscles correctly. I am now into week 4. She reckons it takes 6 weeks to see full benefit ,but recommended I ran Woody after 3 wks to see if there was any improvement.
I ran him in one run on the Saturday just gone.Sarah warmed him up thoroughly for me first and yes there is definitely an improvement. He started off really well, no measuring or stuttering, however by the last 4 jumps he did start to stutter a little before the jumps. I personally now feel this could now be a fitness problem. So I am going to start jumping him very little and often to regain his jump fitness. Fingers crossed.

Disney still continues to amaze me. Last week at Dartford & Keston he got a 1st, 3rd & 4th. Then this week he came 2nd with Beth ( my niece) in the junior under 12 class at Thames.
This is quite amusing because that will qualify him for a semi held at KC Festival in 2011, which if he was successful would gain him a place at Crufts 2012 !!!!! Mmmm Disney will be nearly 14 by then so not sure that will ever happen:-(
Here is a little video of his run with Beth.

Going back to shows. Fozzie is having good days and not so good days.(surprise surprise) I am still struggling with his jump style and he just can't weave in competition. He is getting his weaves 99% in training and in my field,he can weave from every angle and it doesn't matter where I stand. I can recall him through, send him through, run behind him, run in front of him I can be close to him or on the other side of the field and he does them everytime, but in the ring he has only twice got them first time. I think( I hope) it may be just confidence, but I am not sure whether I should continue to run him in competition whilst he still misses the weaves 98% of the time at shows!!
If he wasn't getting them away from shows I would definitely pull him out, but he is so good at training.

I am going to do lots of jump training to try and improve his style so thats my next challenge. I have been doing grids but I'm not sure they have helped, so I am going back to one jump .

On Saturday evening at Thames show,after a diabolical jumping day with him, Sarah gave him a full massage treatment. Fortunately I have my vets mobile phone number so she was able to text me permission. Fozzie had extremely tight muscles on both his sides.Sarah worked on him for almost an hr and for most of it Fozzie was very chilled out. The next day I made sure I followed to the letter his warm up routine, well I was thrilled. He was fantastic and jumped several jumps beautifully.He was also VERY keen, we still had a weave issue but everything else more than made up for that. He didn't knock ANY poles, lovely contacts and more importantly not at all distracted. He made no other mistakes apart from the weaves...what a boy.
One thing I have learned is that I can't take him back time and again to get the weaves correct. I can try a couple of times but if I continue to try he worries more and just gets worse. I want to keep him happy so I will sometimes (rightly or wrongly ) just carry on with the course even if he's messed the weaves up.

I have posted a 2 videos. The first one taken last week at Dartford and second one taken this Sunday at Thames AFTER his massage. What a difference !!!

Visit to Devon.

I had a  lovely few days down in Devon with my mate Jane. I only took Fozzie and Chip this time. They were such good boys. Jane has 8 (or is it 9) dogs! She breeds Standard & Toy poodles & Devon Rex kittens Several cats and kittens, ducks,chickens and at the time a gorgeous 5-6 wks old toy poodle puppy. Chip just let the puppy climb all over him and the dogs all mucked in together. Chip & Fozzie took no notice of the ducks/chickens etc. It was just a wonderful time with lovely walks. You can catch up with Jane and her menagerie on her blog by clicking on  here or on her website here.
Walk in the Forest

Me & my Boys

What a View

Cooling off

Jane & some of her girls

Clive the pup teases Chip & Fozzie

Chip & Clive the toy poodle pup

I want you as my Daddy !!
Chip & Fozzie
How many dogs can you get in a lounge ?