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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Days

Well I have just had a great, albeit cold, weekend at Axtane show in Essex.

I was overjoyed with Fozzie. Wow he was brilliant. No clear rounds but he works his little socks off. He even got his weaves first time in one class, sods law though I got him eliminated ! It was entirely my fault, I didn't call him quick enough :-(

The work I am putting into him doing jump grids and single jumps , teaching him his take off point, coupled with a thorough massage & stretch before running is paying off big time. I would now say 50% of his jumping is really good and he's stretching right out.
Here is a video of his runs

My other great news is Woody.
He did 4 runs and got 4 clears including an 11th place !!
He still isn't jumping as fluidly as previously & he's a bit stuttery, but I am sure that all he needs is to get jump fit now. He was SO happy to be competing again and I am so happy to be running him again..he's such a lovely honest boy.

Here is a video of a couple of his runs

Disney was ..well Disney. I am having such fun running him I don't really care what he does. He doesn't get trained much so I can't expect great results all the time. I think I should strap large ears to him and then he can really fly from the seesaw like in the Disney Cartoon *Dumbo*. He was always a monster for flying seesaws, now he's even worse. I have to laugh, he's so enjoying life.

Chip worked really well all weekend, with just a pole down or refusal. A couple of eliminations ( all my fault again) I wish I could run faster !!! He did however get 4th in a very tricky Gd 6-7 jumping course. No videos of him or Disney I'm afraid. Its hard getting people to video for me all the time, I'm sure people see me coming to the rings and hide in case I pounce on them to video me ! So I save my favours mainly for Fozzie at the moment and off course Woody this weekend.

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