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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poor Chip & poor Rosie

As I write this, Chip is at the vets being castrated. I hate any surgery , so I am worried sick. I am however glad I made the decision to get him done. This weekend he was terrible. He was bitching constantly and nearly everyone he met was greeted by the special Chip hug on the leg. It caused much amusement , but also embarrassment when he met complete strangers on walks and did the same thing !!!
I intend to give Fozzie the chemical implant in a month or so before I go ahead with castrating him. As with Chip I want to make sure I like the effect it has on him before I make the irreversible decision of castration.

I am also suffering badly. I have had an ongoing problem with my leg/buttock muscle called the piriformis for a few years now. It comes and it goes, but always seems to get really bad when I start competing with a new dog!! I guess its the extra hrs I put in with training etc. It felt stiff at the start of the weekend and driving to the show I started to get really bad pains(bad sign)By Sunday evening I was in agony. I have made an appointment with my physio to see her on Wednesday evening and its a bonus we have no shows for almost 4 weeks.In the meantime I have started to perform some self help with a tennis ball ! you can read all about it here I have to say it has already worked wonders and I feel much more comfortable. My physio will also give me ultrasound and acupuncture, so hopefully I will be back on track.

Taking about my journey to Tunbridge wells at Ardingly, well that turned into a nightmare. I somehow missed the turning off the M23. I have done that journey so many times , so I don't know how it happened. Well I went into panic mode. Here I was towing a huge caravan down country lanes I didn't know, sometimes single track roads as well. I didn't know whether I was going to suddenly find myself going up big steep hills or meeting a car/van /lorry coming in the opposite direction. I was almost on the verge of crying and I had very sweaty hands I can tell you. Fortunately (after a 20 mile detour) I arrived at Ardingly with a thumping headache and feeling very stressed. I will NEVER miss that turning again I can assure you.

With regard to my weekend competing...I was thrilled with Fozzie. He had a fence down in the Grade 3 jumping, but I just had to check his time. It would have been good enough for a 6th place, even allowing for the fact he didn't have to re jump the pole as it was already down ! I don't normally check times if my dogs have faults but I just wanted to see how Fozzies time would compare. Here is a couple of his runs.

Sadly I only worked Woody in one class and withdrew him from that after about 7 jumps. He is still not right :-( He going back to the chiro next week, then having some more massage etc. I fear that he may not ever compete again which is sad. He got so excited on the start line and flew over the first few jumps, but then started to measure again. I am only going to persevere for another month or so and if he's no better then I will retire him.

Chip had a nice place in Gd 6 agility and jumping on the Saturday, and on the Sunday he did a fantastic agility round. He was flying and was so tight, but for some reason the person didn't put his lead in the bucket, they just placed it near to the finishing line and Chip ran past the last jump to get his lead !!!! I was gutted.

Disney only had runs on the Sunday. He flew the seesaw in both runs, in fact in his KC qualifier it didn't even tip ( naughty boy ) Here is his run

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  1. Poor Rosie, just read this post, hope your butt got better now after the tennis ball massage.

    Fozzie looked great!