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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fozzies First Show

This weekend I went to Thatcham UKA show at Mapledurham, nr Reading.An absolutely stunning venue right on the banks of the River Thames. The weather was glorious and the show very relaxed. I really only did the show so that I could bring Fozzie out and see just how he would be in the ring before we start the KC shows next week.

I was soooo nervous. I really expected him to run out of the ring or stop to sniff or something. However he was fantastic. He was a little distracted on the start line on the first day, but by the second visit his concentration on the start was much better.

His first ever proper competitive run at a bonafida show and he won the class !!! He would have also done well in the agility run if I had handled it better nr the end. I meant to do a front cross, but ended up trying to flick him over the jump and he ran past it, But I was very very pleased with him.

At UKA shows you are allowed to run not for competition and take toys into the ring. I did this on the second day in the Agility round. I was a little lax on the dogwalk and rewarded him for being slightly off, but it was totally my fault as I threw the ball too far past the end ,and he did try so hard. However his Aframe was 100% as you will see in the video.

I came away feeling so much more confident with him. He still has a long way to go but for his first show I couldn't be more proud of my little lad.

Hopefully this week I will get into the field to practice his weaves and then maybe he will compete at his first KC show this coming weekend.
Here is a video of 2 of his rounds

I ran Chip at the show to practice his waits and contacts. He came 2nd in his agility class but I trained all the others.

The best news is I ran Woody in 2 classes. On the first day I put him in the casual class as you can run your dogs one height below their proper height, which in Woody's case at UKA shows is standard height (which is about 2" lower than KC height)
So therefore I could run him at medium. He did the whole course and then I kept my fingers crossed he'd stay sound. On the way home from the show we also went for an hours walk, so I felt sure if his shoulder wasn't going to hold up I would soon know.
Luckily he was fine, so today I put him in the steeplechase class at the standard height(still lower than KC) He was great, I missed out a small bit of the course on purpose at it had a tight turn and I didn't want him to land and twist! He was little slower than normal, but he isn't 100% jump fit that is to be expected. I shall do some more little bits with him this week and maybe he will be able to do a jumping round this weekend. He certainly was a happy boy to be back.
Here he is in action


  1. Well done Fozzie what a clever boy, you have made your Mum feel a whole lot better now, so she can stop worrying and enjoy running you from now on.

    Jo & Josh

  2. Excellent runs Fozzie, you look so good, your mum is going to be alot more confident with you now Also its nice to Woody back in the ring x

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  4. Well done Rosie Fozzie is awsome :-) x

  5. Fozzie was brilliant and it was such a lovely day!

  6. WooHoo! Well done Fozzie! He looked awesome! You two are going to have great time together!