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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Weaving, Weaving ,Weaving

Well the weather has picked up, the sun is shining and my field is drying out, so I thought I'd get cracking on Fozzies weaves. Phew its hard work ! I have never had such a difficult dog to get to weave, well maybe Libby my Standard Poodle comes a close second, but even she only ever had one hiccup !!

Fozzie just couldn't get the hang of straight weaving, so I resorted to putting guided on the weaves. I hate guides but I thought at least it would give him the idea what straight upright weaves were. He'd fly though the V weaves only very slightly out, but as soon as they went upright, it was a huge no no.

After I had put the guides on I took him through on the lead. I then let him off. He just jumped over the guides, so I put them higher. He then ducked under them !!!

I then totally despaired !!! So I decided to do something I had never done before and I lured him through with food a couple of times. After about 6 attempts he weaved albeit slowly.

I had a couple more attempts with him, put him through the V weaves to get his speed up and then left the weaves alone. I finished with a couple of contacts on both the Dog walk & A Frame, plus a couple of jumps and then went inside.

I decided to video so I could examine what was happening.
Here it is

I had several peoples feedback on this and several said the guides were in the wrong place, but as I had already tried the guides in several places, I decided to take them off altogether. Today I went out again. I also videoed once again and I saw the problem instantly when I played it back. Its his footing. If he paddles through he does them all correctly, slowly but correctly,However if his feet tangle he just cannot complete the weaves. I also had quite a bit of *I won't do that, you can't make me* attitude today..very very poodle like and very frustrating..as it always is with Fozzie. I really think I'll get a Border collie next time !!!!
Anyway here is the video of today highlighting his foot placement problem.