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Monday, March 15, 2010

Jumping style !

Agility training with Fozzie is going well. We have some really good training sessions and then not so good ones. Its his level of concentration that I am struggling with at the moment,he gets so distracted at the slightest thing.

I am putting the jumps up to full height more and more now. What I & others have noticed is his jumping style. Because of this I decided to video him, and then slow motion it to see if there was a particular reason for his style. He jumps close to the jump and then goes a long way past, sometimes tucked up and landing nearly on all 4 paws.

It was suggested to me that maybe he needs to see a chiropractor, just in case he has a physical problem, but the few people who have seen this video just think he needs some grid work so he learns how to jump and judge distances.
I was so hoping to get to Gemma's grid training days, but I haven't been able to because of my work. So I have scoured the Internet for info on grid jumping and watched countless YouTube videos, so until I can get to a proper training day I am going to work on some grids in my field.

On the very plus side, his weave training is coming on in leaps and bounds.He gets his footing right more often than not now, and so his confidence has grown.

As regards his dog walk. Thanks to the Manners Minder he knows his criteria for the contacts really well ,and I have fazed the Manners Minder out completely on the A Frame. He has a lovely fast A Frame and 2 on 2 off position & I am really happy with it. I wanted to faze the MM out for the dogwalk also, as its such a big unit to take everywhere with me, and I still wasn't getting the drive I want. So I am now working on sending him to his toy. The MM has been great for getting the correct position,so I am sure he'll be fine with the change. Thankfully Fozzie likes a dead toy and will go to it happily. So I've started leaving the toy at the bottom of the dogwalk and will gradually extend the distance it is placed from the end. Ultimately I'd like to be able to throw the toy and Fozzie still stop, a lot of work I think !! Any help or tips gratefully received !
He is painfully slow over the seesaw so I've got to work on that a lot more as well.

I have decided not to enter him in any agility classes when he comes out until I have more or less what I want in training. I'll put him in the ring in jumping only classes to get the ring experience at shows. Maybe by June/July he will be ready for agility classes, but if I don't do any agility classes at shows all year then so be it.

On a really good note, Woody is 100% sound. I started jumping him over small jumps yesterday and he stayed sound. He has also started to go on hour long walks through woods etc and has also remained sound. Next week I will jump him over medium jumps and then the week after some full height. I don't think I will be competing with him till the end of April, I want him to be completely jump fit.

Here is the video of Fozzie jumping

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