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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fozzies First Competition

Today Fozzie did his first competition. It was a fun show at Scrambles. I entered him in the jumping and steeplechase class at medium height. I just wanted him to get some ring experience, complete with queuing etc.

First was the jumping. He did a great wait,but the first 2 jumps were a little tentative, however once he got going he sped up and was doing fantastically. I was going to run past the weaves(a set of 6 poles) but Fozzie thought otherwise and went straight into them! not bad considering this time last week he couldn't weave, He got his entry but the weaves were incredible wobbly (infact they took them out for the large dogs!!) and Fozzie skipped a weave. I just kept going and he finished beautifully. I was so so pleased with him.

After a little wait we then did the Steeplechase. It was a lovely course with a few handling bits and a few nice straight bits.Once again a great wait & Fozzie flew from the start. He powered into the tunnels & was extremely confident & no weaves to worry about in this class. He got very slightly distracted for a nano second by a dog in the adjoining ring coming down the dogwalk, but he didn't stop and we went clear. I had to leave immediately afterwards, but imagine how surprised and flabbergasted I was to find out later he had actually won the class !!!! Maybe he will be ready to compete properly at the end of April ??

Unfortunately I don't have video of either runs, because although 2 people videoed for me, both were uncertain how to work the camcorder so missed the runs :tears:

On Saturday it was the first show of the year, Mid Downs. I love this show as its so nice to catch up with all my friends after the long winter.

Chip was a naughty naughty boy. He was totally over the top and broke his wait in his first class. He then went on to miss his dogwalk contact as well !!!

In his second class , he did wait for a little longer but still broke it. I kicked myself for not leaving the ring with him, but I wanted to do his Dog walk contact if he missed it, which right on cue he did !!! I rectified it, and then took my own line out of the ring via the Aframe, which he got.
In his 3rd class( a jumping class) I decided no matter what if he broke his wait I would take him out immediately. I queued for 3/4 hr in the cold to run, set him up in a wait , got to the other side of the first jump and wham he broke (little b**** ) I downed him before he took the tunnel and he dropped like a bullet, I retrieved my lead and then called Chip out of the ring.
Last year I did exactly the same for the first few shows and it certainly worked. He soon learned that no wait meant no play !!!

Disney in contrast was a real star. I have been deliberating whether the time was right to retire him as he will soon be 12 yrs old. I therefore made the decision I would enter him in the first few shows of the season and see how he was. If I felt he was struggling at all I would stop. I want him to be remembered for the dog he was, not for what he had become. I asked several people to watch his first run, and Lians husband kindly agreed to video him for me( as I didn't take my camera with me) so I could see for myself how he was doing. Well he was great. To be honest I was so happy to be running him and so enjoying him I don't really remember if he got faulted or not. I seem to remember his dogwalk may not have been too good.

So I decided to stay and run him in the jumping class as well. We were going out for a meal when I got home, so I wanted to run him and dash so I went first in the class. I said as I went in I didn't care what he did as long as he has fun. Well he was FANTASTIC. He was fluid and fast. Well I had to wait and watch the next dozen or so dogs and he remained in 1st place for quite a while. Eventually he was knocked down to 3rd so I left. There was still a huge queue of people so I thought he'd probably be knocked out of 3rd place quite soon. Once again imagine my surprise to find he remained in 3rd place, beating many of the fast much much younger good dogs. Unfortunately no video of his run , just a wonderful memory. So Disney will continue for a few more months, I just love him to bits.

Obviously Woody didn't compete because of his recent injury. He is doing VERY well , he went to the chiropractor this week and she said he was 100% sound. If all goes well this week we can start jumping him again on low jumps and see how he is. It is now over 2 months since the original injury.

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  1. Well done Fozzie great to hear that you are doing so well, hopefully will see you run in Wallingford, keep up the good work:) Also well done to Disney, Chip you sound like my naughty dog Indie who is breaking her waits again agh hopefully by the time the outdoor starts will have them back