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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This morning I took Fozzie to see Marissa my Chiropractor. I wasn't sure whether I wanted her to find something drastically wrong, which would explain his funny jump style or whether I would have preferred her to find nothing.

As it was she found 3 small things wrong. 2 minor tweaks in his neck and one half way down his back. She put them all back as they should ,but in her opinion didn't think they would necessarily account for his jump problem. She said she could find nothing dire at all. However having said all that she did say some dogs may have found just those few things uncomfortable enough to make them jump differently(as she called it !!)
So the plan of action is to rest him for a couple of days and then see how he jumps. I have no plans for training this week as I am off to the Easter Celebration show on Thursday . If its not pouring with rain (or snowing) I will put him round my courses when I have set them up as I am judging there.
If he is jumping better then Marissa definitely wants to see him again in about 3 weeks, however if there is no change then its just a question of teaching him how to jump properly. She agrees Grid work is a must, as is rear end awareness exercises and also core stability exercises.
Fingers crossed.

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