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Monday, February 01, 2010

Where do I begin....

Sounds a bit like the love story song doesn't it !!!!

So Where do I begin....
Well the New Year hasn't started too well. Firstly losing dear Fella was the hardest thing. I am still struggling with the loss of him. I intend to do a tribute video soon, but I have to download some old photos and videos first onto my laptop, and I don't feel quite ready.

Woody has been lame on and off for about 3 wks. He was playing with Fozzie in the garden and came in limping. Rest and lead walks didn't resolve the problem so I decided the time had come for some Xrays, just to rule out any other underlying problem. Well he has fantastic shoulder and elbow joints, but his wrists are showing some arthritic changes. My vet is positive this isn't causing the lameness . However when Woody was under anaesthetic she couldn't extent his left leg, so she is as sure that she can be that its a shoulder injury.
So he came home with some anti-inflammatories and some very expensive Glucosamine/Chondrotin supplement. She wants him to be seen by a Physio or Osteo and do swimming as many times a week I can manage.

As regards to the arthritis in the wrists, she's happy for him to continue competitive agility , because as she said to me, if she xrayed most of the agility dogs over 6 years old,most would almost certainly be showing some form of arthritis because of the stresses put on theirs joints,so she thinks Woody's would be in the realms of normality.

I am not sure at this moment in time if I am going to continue working him, Its one thing jumping a dog that you don't know has a problem, totally different once you know.:( !!! I want to get his shoulder right, and then when I go back to the vets in 10 days time I will talk with her again. If, and its a big IF, he is sound in 2 wks I may let my niece run him at Crufts as she qualified him for the YKC. Beth has worked so hard with Woody for the last 2 years, doing all his training that I feel so sad for her.
Then possibly I may run him in the odd show, but only if the weather & ground conditions are just right, if not it may be allsorts classes..I really just don't know at this stage !!!!!!!

Then there's Fozzie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has become sooooo spooky/windy and anxious. I am sure its his hormones coupled with the second fear stage, but training is becoming a nightmare which I am no longer enjoying at the moment. In my field where he was most confident, he is spooking and barking at the horses and so isn't concentrating on the job. At the indoor venue where I train him , he is constantly looking over his shoulders at the other dogs. Its a small indoor venue with 2 classes running side by side & the distractions are immense. He's had several dogs run up to him when he's working, which upsets me (probably more than him if truth be told) I am now looking for a new class somewhere where there is only one class running at a time, with nice friendly dogs.( more difficult than you can imagine !!)

Then on Thursday I went to Obedience training..He was dire!! Once again I couldn't get anything out of him..he was totally distracted and worried. I actually burst into tears:tears: !!!.... everything is going so wrong.

Last year I was running 3 dogs and running around like a mad woman at shows. I joked with people that this year I'd be like a headless chicken running 4 dogs..how things can change so suddenly !!!

Disney will probably be retired by the end of this year , he'll be 12 in May !!!!!
Woody may have to be retired, Fozzie possibly won't be in the ring this year like planned..which may possibly leaves me just one dog to run at shows.....Chip.
At least I may have more time to enjoy my new caravan !

Anyway I have put Fozzie onto some flower remedies to help his anxiety.And I'm also going to put him onto Zylkene This product has apparently seen some great results using it with dogs that have similar problems to Fozzie. I'm hoping it may take the edge off his nerves and I'll be able to get him to relax & concentrate , certainly there's no harm in trying.

Not a very Cheery post I know...sorry


  1. Hi Rosie

    Do you think that Fozzie could be picking up your distress from you and becoming spooky and clingy because of it? You've had a lot to think about recently and I know that when I lost Dudley Tom fistly got clingy, then defiant and now becoming a total Mummy's boy. Have you talked to anyone as bursting into tears at training doesn't sound like you at all. Perhaps some rescue remedy for you or good old fashioned alchohol before you train.

  2. I would be interested to know how you get on with the Zylkene and the flower remedies as my young dog same age to Fozzie is very similar @ training in that she is working ok and then she runs up to the fence where the horses are and starts barking and is always looking over her shoulder and seems uptight and then switches off and I agree it does make you stressed which in turn doesn't help the dogs. I hope you get things sorted I'm sure you will it may just take time

  3. Hi Judith

    Wow she sounds just the same as Fozzie. It is certainly an age thing I guess, but I don't want it to escalate at all, which I've been told it can :-( I will certainly be putting all updates on my blog..so watch this space !!

  4. Poor Rosie! We have all been there when training just does not go right.

    Personally I would be giving Fozzie a total break from training and start again in 6-8 weeks in a totally new place.

  5. Hi Bernadette.

    Its finding somewhere else though !! In the meantime I'm just doing very little bits with no distractions and going on some training days, which are all in unfamiliar venues.