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Monday, February 22, 2010

On the up :-)

I am feeling so much more positive about Fozzie now, lets hope this is an upward trend now.

Within the last 2-3 weeks I have done 3 separate training mornings with him.
The first was with David Munnings. Fozzie was brill, David had set some quite hard sequences and Fozzie did them with confidence and speed.

The next session was last Friday with Nancy Hudson, I love Nancy's training & once again Fozzie was confident and worked really well, Nancy gave me lots to think about with my handling of him ,and I came away feeling very good & positive about things. I was extremely pleased with Fozzies A-Frame contact. I didn't use his manners minder, but he hit his contact position first time and was fast over it.

The last session was on the Saturday just gone and what a beautiful day we had for it ,the sun shone all morning and it was quite warm. This training was with Lauren Langman. I haven't trained with her before. I found her very motivational. Fozzie was a little star and once again I got some great help with my handling of him. I sometimes wonder how I ever managed to get a dog to Grade 7 and even win a CC when it comes to my handling !! I think its all about wearing comfy slippers(as Nancy said) With a new dog you have to learn all over again because every dog is so different. What I can do with with Disney & Chip ,I struggle with with Fozzie. I am sure once we have been a partnership for a year or so, he too will become my comfy slippers.

We only covered the seesaw with Lauren, but once the class was finished Sue said I could run Fozzie over her contacts. I took her up on this once everyone had gone home, because I want Fozzie to experience as many different contacts in different environments as possible. His first dog walk was very slow and cautious, however once he had done it once the next 3 or 4 he flew over. He likes me to be a fair distance from him, if I stand too close to the contact anywhere along it that also slows him down. That suits me as I not fast enough to be right up with him all the time anyway.
Because I have had these great positive training sessions with him, I have made the decision not to return to the indoor classes with Fozzie ! This is where I was having all the problems with dogs running up to him and once again concentration.

In my field I am now just concentrating on the weaves ...Hmmmmm not so great.

Teaching weaves is my favourite thing and I am very methodical, however because of the weather/dark evenings/work etc etc I haven't been able to train them as often as I normally do. I think its going to be a long time before he's a confident straight line weaver !!

Here is a video of his training session at Laurens. Unfortunately I didn't get video at Nancy's or Davids

Fozzies Obedience has taken a slight downward turn since he has became a little spooky. His concentration isn't so good now so he's not holding his heelwork position as well.
Here is a video also taken this week at Obedience training. We focused more on keeping him happy & motivated rather than precision. He did a bit of slow pace nr the end which I was quite pleased with because he was concentrating quite well.

He has now been on the Zylkene for about 10 days and I do think there is a slight improvement. He is still spooking at funny things but comes out of it quicker.

Woody.....well fingers crossed things here are also going in the right direction with his shoulder injury. He is now swimming weekly and has also started on a course of Cartrophen. The Cartrophen is really just to help his mild arthritis.
Last Sunday Sara came and gave him some Galen massage which Woody loved. I have continued massaging him and also using the pulsed magnetic unit as well.
As my vet says, at the end of the day we won't really know what has done the job, but to be honest I don't care as long as he becomes sound again. Unfortunately though I have made the decision to pull him out from Crufts. Even if he was 100% sound, he'd be physically unfit as he's had so little off lead exercise & no jumping since way before Xmas. On top of that,I just wouldn't want to run a dog who's just recovered from a shoulder injury on thin astroturf placed over concrete !! In my opinion just not worth it for 30 seconds in the ring. Beth (my niece) was obviously very disappointed but she was very grown up about it and fully understood. Hopefully Woody will be fit again by April to do agility again, but only if the ground conditions are perfect. However he only has to limp once after agility and he will be retired. I will possibly only run him in one class a day, but we will have to now wait and see.

I went down to see my best friend Jane last week in Devon. I only took Woody as she had 5 dogs in season, so taking Fozzie & Chip would have been impossible. Woody was fantastic, even when all the girlies kept flirting with him. The look on his face was priceless !!!! It was lovely for Woody to have some one to one individual attention with just me. Because of all the girls being in season long walks were out of the question , so we just did a couple of very short lead walks.

Chip also had a lovely training session with Nancy . I do so enjoy running him, he's fast,keen and honest.

Disney is doing great and I have decided to run him again this year. I took him into the field and he was as mad as ever. Once again I will cut his runs down & I'm not sure whether I will enter him in champ classes or not. I will see how he is at his first show and go from there. Its hard to believe he will be 12 yrs old in 3 months time. So I guess I should really start doing some training with him, if only it would STOP RAINING !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow Fozzie is looking really good Rosie so happy for you x

  2. Well impressed with Fozzies jumping Rosie, he looks very good when he is working, bless him.
    For some reason or other the obedience tape would not work for me.

  3. Fozzie is looking fabulous Rosie you must be sooooo pleased with him especially as you had those early problems, good boy |Fozzie luv Karen and the gang xxxxx