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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chip Obedience and other stuff.

Last weekend it was my inter club obedience competition. I dusted Chip off for this !! I haven't done much training with him since I started Fozzie. So since Xmas we have had a couple of training sessions but not much. Its like riding a bike, he hadn't forgotten just got a bit rusty.

Chip was wonderful. His round was beautiful, he had a crooked sit half way through, but apart from that a pretty faultless round until.......THE STAYS !!!

Chip has NEVER broken a stay..EVER. However he chose on this day to lay down on his sit stay. It cost him 2nd place !! In fact he would have been in first place going into stays, apart from that crooked sit. As it was he ended 5th !!
Here is a video of his round..Just lovely..I am so very proud of him.

Fozzie is doing well in the field with his spooky training. I have continued with the flower remedies, and actually someone commented last weekend how chilled he seemed, so maybe they are working. Unfortunately the Zylkene got lost in the post !!!!! I should however have a replacement order tomorrow. I am going to start it as planned, because this evening we went into the field and he saw a man with a cap on and spooked and barked at him !! So still work in progress.

I decided tonight that I ought to try him over a full height dog walk. He's 16 months now and I feel he should be doing it full height more often. I shouldn't have worried, He was fine and confident over it, and got all his contacts. He is fairly fast over most of it, but is slightly slower going to the end, but I am not going to stress over that at all at the moment. He's independent , looking forward & happy on it so that's more important. I put the manners minder which (3rd time lucky) seems to be working a treat now, past the weaves after the Dog walk. He got his contact beautifully and then went into the V weaves and got his reward at the end of them. I am still doing an incredibly fast release on the dog walk. He's such a funny chappie that I think if I make a big deal of his stop(when he's actually going across the dogwalk) he may start to worry. However if I just ask for his position on the end, I expect a wait of varying times. He certainly knows his position without a shadow of doubt. If he runs off the end, I don't reward, but then again I don't say much either. I let him work out for himself what went wrong and he seems to know.

I also thought that I had better start working him over some full height jumps. On Saturday when I first tried, he was terrible and kept going underneath them. I walked away from it, and today I put up just 2 jumps and Woo Hoo he went over them both several times. At the moment he has the most funny jump style, he sort of bunny hops over them. I hope that will change when he starts to get his pacing.

Weave training well...... He is still on V weaves, and occasionally channel. I am not happy with my channel weaves now they are fairly close. They have a lot of metal work all bunched up and I am concerned this is putting him off. When I trained Chip and my other dogs I used push in weave poles(hence no metal work) and I felt they were much happier. I am going to visit my friend in Devon next week and she has a set of different channel weaves to sell that hinge from the centre. I am going to take a look and if I like them I will buy them off her.
( Jane if you're reading this GET THEM WEAVES OUT !!!!)
His entries into the weaves on the whole are good from whatever angle.

Seesaw is still being held, so no progress there. Fozzie is due out at Wallingford in the middle of April. I have entered him but I am not sure he'll actually go in the ring. We'll see.

I am reading a fantastic book at the moment called " Control Unleashed" I'm hoping this will help with my training with Fozzie. It tells how to get total focus from your dog, especially the Fozzie type of dog.

Woody.. well he has had another slight relapse with his shoulder injury. On his 2nd off lead day(after wks of on lead walking) he became slightly lame again.
So its back on the anti inflammatories and lead walks.
He starts his weekly hydrotherapy swims this wk, plus he is also going to have some Galen massage treatment. I have also ordered a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) gadget. Its made by Medicur
I have had such positive feedback about these machines for animal use. Apparently not only do they accelerate the healing , they also help with pain etc. So I am hoping it will help me as well !! My vet raved about magnetic therapy when I spoke with her, so I hope its money well spent. This site tells all about its human use ,but many horse and dog people use them as well. I am sure it will be a very useful item for me to have. Have a Google, its well worth taking a look.

So Woody is costing me a fortune at the moment. Hopefully I will get all the alternative treatments paid by the insurance company. I don't think they will be prepared to pay for my new machine though !!!!!!

So lots to report. I'll keep you updated over the progress of Fozzie and Woody in the coming weeks.


  1. Hi Rosie

    Will be interested to hear the success of the Magnetic gadget, Josh has been lame on and off for about 18 months now. Have spent thousands of pounds on MRI, digital x-ray's, physio therapy in that time, and guess what he is still lame some days. I am at my wits end to get him totally well again, he has been lead walked only for months now, so your feed back would be brilliant.

    Thanks Jo

  2. I will def keep you up to date Jo

  3. Wow chip looked so good in the obedience he has lovely action. Pleased to hear about Fozzie's improvment what flower remedies are you giving him is it bach rescue or other ones? I think the book control unleashed will be good for my dog as well to help her with focus, she did the same as Fozzie and barked at a man in a field the other day. My first show is also Wallingford like you not sure what we are going to do but will see how she is doing and make a decision after walking courses. Keep up the good work with Fozzie and all the best with the Electromagnetic Field Therapy with Woody it sounds brill.

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  5. Keep at it Fozzie