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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R.I.P Dear Dear Fella

FELLA 1991-2010

Yesterday was one of the worse days of my life. I had to have my beloved cat Fella put to sleep.
We took him to the vets last night in the vain hope she may find something that maybe, just maybe, could be put right. Fella travelled to the vet on my lap purring all the way. Emily (my vet) examined him thoroughly, and discovered he had heart failure & his lungs were full of fluid, also his kidney's were like hard bullets. She said she could maybe draw some fluid away from his lungs, put him on some heart tablets and give him something to help his kidneys, and then maybe just maybe he would possibly rally round for a week or so. However she felt that this probably wouldn't be the kindest thing to do as he was already quite weak , and sadly we agreed.
He purred continuously whilst he was being examined and also whilst the needle was put in, he continued to purr right up till the moment he went ,and as his heart was so weak and he was so skinny, it was pretty much instantly.

I bought Fella into this world almost 19 years ago and I was holding him as he left it.

I love you Fella and I will never ever forget the 19 wonderful years I had with you.


  1. He sounded a lovely cat and real character - remember the happy times, Lorna x

  2. So sorry to read your very sad posting. He looked a beautiful cat, remember to good times.

  3. So sorry to hear the sad news, especially when I read you brought him to this world and holding him till he left ... I can't hold my tears anymore.

    RIP Fella! Eventhough I have never met you but you were one handsome cat.

  4. So sorry Rosie, he was a gorgeous boy, hugs xxxxx

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