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Friday, January 01, 2010

The Dogwalk and Manners Minder update No 2

I took Fozzie into the field today to work on his dogwalk with the Manners Minder. To say I am really pleased is an understatement . His first one was slow and tentative, but once he got confident & into his stride he was off. So far its achieving everything I could want. His focus is forward, I can position myself anywhere and he still drives to the end. He had one over run ( as you will see) but once I had encouraged him back to his position the next time he was perfect. I am doing a quick down & release at the moment to encourage the speed and I'm not being fussy with his position, as long as he has some part of his body/feet on the contact I am happy. He doesn't get rewarded if all his body is off the contact area.
I must apologise for my spelling mistake on the video. I only realised it after I published it...Ooops


  1. thats looks FAB rosie hes having fun. Never heard of the Mannersminder before looks interesting, hope you had a wicked xmas x

  2. very nice mrs Ison !!! Fozzie is looking fab, x

  3. Great job! Fozzie is looking very good with the help of MM.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog - we have two Havanese in Agility training and the MannnerMinder looks interesting.