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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catch up time !

I've been a bit lax with my blogging, so here's a bit of a long catch up.

Well as we all know the weather hasn't been great for any training. I am very frustrated because I really want to get cracking on Fozzies weaves and continue with his contact work.
I am having a problem with my Manners Minder again, so waiting for a new one to come..AGAIN !! I love this machine and really really want to persevere with it. Apparently there is a whole batch that had a fault ,which the manufacturer is aware of, so production is starting on a new load with the a new component in.
In the meantime I am just going to struggle on, but its so frustrating when the machine fails especially when Fozzie has done such a good behaviour and really deserves the reward. So a backward step again I fear.

Fozzie is due out in April, but we are so behind with his training I don't think it will happen. I have entered him (just in case) but there is no way he'll go in the ring without 100% weaves. And certainly no agility classes until I have nailed his contacts.

I am having a real problem with his concentration in both Agility and Obedience. He is soooo distracted. He has now decided the horses in the field next to mine are totally scary and he spooks at them a lot !!! These horses are the friendliest & nosiest we've ever had out there, and everytime I go into the field they rush over for some attention so Fozzie goes BERSERK !!
I made a resolution that I would NEVER be negative, never say no to him, or do anything other than be 100% positive around the agility equipment, but its very difficult when he rushes up to the fence barking and growling. Today one of the horses turned and kicked(luckily there was a fence between) I was hoping this may frighten Fozzie enough to make him back off, but no it made him worse. he really is a very strange little man.

I have continued to take Fozzie to Pachesham indoor training even though I am not that happy with him there, he gets very hyped and is once again a little neurotic with other dogs since he was attacked. I only do the jumping exercises there, I want to continue with what I am doing with his contacts here at the field before I take it into the class environment. The only contact I do there is the seesaw, only because I need someone to hold it for me(not possible on my own) but I won't be using the Manners Minder for the seesaw. I rarely use a stop with my dogs on the seesaw, so I am training that differently.

I have done a couple of Dave Munnings training sessions with him, and he was totally brilliant. He understands loads of various exercises and I am very pleased. Once again he can get very distracted if someone is playing with their dog by the side, but I work him through it. He definitely has a brain on him and seems to grasp quite complex exercises very quickly.
We are also continuing to have Toni Dawkins every month at my field. She does a small group of us in the morning with our youngsters and then in the afternoon for the older guys. Its great because for all 6 sessions the same dogs and handlers are there so good continuety.
The jumps have just gone up to medium height for Fozzie,and I want him to be totally confident with my handling and his jumping skills before I put him over full height. I may not even put him over full height till a month before he competes, I will just see. He is quite clumpsy over medium height and is knocking quite a few poles,once again I have been told its possibly because he's not concentrating fully on the job.

His obedience is going well, but his ability to become so distracted at the slightest thing means that he won't be entered in any shows for quite some time. The concentration for obedience is so much greater, and at the moment he loses position if the slightest pin drops ! His set exercises are however brilliant, and as usual when he's in the zone his heelwork is gobsmacking.

Woody has unfortunately hurt his front leg. We think he did it when he was playing with Fozzie in the garden. I rested him for a couple of days and he seemed fine so foolishly I let him run again. 3 days ago he started to limp again. This time he is completely confined to the breakfast/utility room. If I let him out invariably someone will leave a door open and he's straight upstairs onto my bed. So its strictly no stairs, and only 5 minutes lead walk. He hasn't seen my vet but I have spoken with them. If he's no better by Tuesday they want to see him. I will then ask for a referral to see a physio. Woody is at Crufts in March competing in the YKC with my niece, so we need to make him sound by then, if not I shall have one extremely disappointed person.

On a much much sadder note my 18 (neary 19 ) year old cat *Fella* is really poorly.

He had a stroke last October and seemed to have made a good recovery, however since then he has really started to look like a very old cat. Up till then people were amazed at him and often remarked that he looked more like a 9 or 10 year old. He's very thin now, whereas up to his stroke he was a fat pudding, and we are struggling to get him to eat . He's on a special prescription diet, because many years ago he got urinary stones .He used to love this food but now he won't touch it. I have tried various alternatives all to no avail. He will sometimes eat the small pate type cat foods and sometimes I can temp him with cooked chicken or raw chicken/tripe or beef mince but he eats very little.He's wobbly on his back legs too. However he still purrs all the time and still loves his cuddles. He looks a mess as he can't clean himself anymore ! Food gets stuck round his mouth, he's got weepy eyes(a long term eye problem which just couldn't be sorted) and now bed sores where he lays in a strange way.His coat looks a real mess too. He had to have his lovely coat clipped off last summer, because he got something stuck to it and it hasn't really grown back.Fozzie adores him and everytime Fozzie sees him he washes him all over.He sometimes gets a little over zealous, but I keep a very close eye on him. Fella purrs all the time and doesn't try to get way even when Fozzie stops. Fozzie gets him looking fairly respectable. I have attached a little video of his Fozzie bathtime.

We now feel that maybe the awful time we all dread has come for dear Fella.

I bred Fella, and in his entire long life he has never been anywhere but in this house, not even when we have gone on holiday. He is the most wonderfully natured cat and loves the dogs & kiddies, and I love him dearly. It will be the most terrible time which all the family are dreading.

Fellas bathtime courtesy of Fozzie
Fella about 10 months ago !!

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  1. Love the gentle way Fozzie was holding the cat down when he first started washing him.