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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xmas Pressies and the Manners Minder update

We had a wonderful Xmas. We went to my son Tony's for Xmas day and he cooked a superb Christmas dinner. In the evening the rest of the family arrived and we had such a fun evening playing games.I had also bought some indoor fireworks which caused great amusement. Unfortunately we had to leave the dogs at home , but fortunately Tony doesn't live too far away so we were able to go home to check up on then every few hrs.
On boxing Day we went to my ex sister in laws. Once again we played silly games and had a great afternoon/evening. Sunday we went down to see my Mum & Dad.
Mum finds it hard work nowadays having lots of people to entertain so we took all the food with us, so she could have a nice relaxing time with no stress. Once again all the family came.

I had some wonderful presents from everyone. I got a Motor Mover for my new caravan !!!! the Dawn Weaver book, several funny dog books, The Photoshop programme for my laptop, some wonderful croc slippers, a lovely warm hat, plus lots of other bits and bobs ,so I was well and truly spoilt this year.



Now back to the Manners Minder. I received it very quickly but it was faulty. It didn't click every time I pressed the remote, so it was very frustrating.Also if I was further away than about 2 ft it didn't work at all ! I contacted the person I got it from and he was fantastic and so helpful..great customer service which you rarely see nowadays.
He sent me a new remote which I received the very next day, however it was still faulty. So without a second thought he sent me a brand new until (which he tested beforehand) and that arrived also next day. This one seems fine but the weather has been so bad I haven't been able to try it outside on the contacts yet. I wanted to start teaching Fozzie it straight away , so I have started work indoors running him to a mat or doing an instant down and then bleeping the Manners Minder. Fozzie has grasped the idea indoors very quickly so I am hopeful it will get me the independent contact I want from him. I have attached a small video showing it. He is better going away from me than coming forward, which is great as I will rarely be in front of him at the contacts.


  1. Great job with Fozzie, he has such a good down, nice and fast and reliable!

  2. What darling dogs! We enjoyed our visit :)

  3. Glad you have your working MM. I have contacted the company I got it from and he replied yesterday to say he will replace my unit as soon as he got the new one from America, which I think will take longer than I expected. I will let you know. Thanks.

    Wish you a successfull 2010!

  4. looking really nice what a shame the weather has been so pants !!!