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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Manners Minder

Well I've decided to invest in a Manners Minder.
Its a training tool, and I am going to try it on my contacts with Fozzie and then maybe Chip. I train the contacts alot on my own, and I have been struggling with how I want them to be. I had started to do a 4 off position with him, but Fozzie started to jump off, so I then trained a 2 on 2 off position. Unfortunately if I was anywhere other than the very end of the dogwalk ,he'd creep down to the end position. If I placed a titbit container or toy at the end , he'd go quickly to it but he was self rewarding himself before I could get there whether he'd done it right or wrong. I want his contacts to be fast and independent and I was only getting what I want if I was actually at the end of the dogwalk or A frame. At club he'd happily fly across the contact as long as someone was standing at the end squeaking his toy or waving it around calling his name, just no good to me when I'm on my own. I have spoken with several people who have used the Manners Minder with great success. So I thought I'd buy one. It will also be useful for obedience sendaways , as well as go-ons in Agility. It will also hopefully be great for my own classes. So hopefully weather permitting over Xmas I will be starting work on it. Watch this space........

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