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Friday, November 06, 2009

Long Time !!

I really thought I ought to update my blog. I know my Mum reads my blog a lot and she'll be telling me off for not updating it regularly. I am always moaning at others for not keeping it up to date, and then here am I doing the exact same thing !!!!

So here goes.. this is all the news from end of September up to today.

I'll start with the shows that I did at the end of Sept and the one I did in October.

First off was Stour Valley. The sun shone most of the weekend. The boys all worked well and between them got some nice places ( no top 3 though and no video!)

Then onto Suffolk Five Rivers

Lovely show, and although its a long way to go its always worth it. We were once again really lucky this year by having the most glorious weather.
I managed to get locked into the huge exercise area on arrival day, which caused everyone much amusement. When I took the boys out the gates were open, and not a soul around. I had a wonderful walk and was gone about an hr, however when I got back the gates were padlocked shut. Fortunately I had my mobile phone with me and rang my mate Jennie, who in turn contacted the show organisers who then contacted the show groundsman,who eventually came and let me out!!!

We had a very successful weekend with Chip getting 2 top ten places in Gd 6. However in 2 of his rounds he ran past the last jump ( and he was clear up till then) to get his ball !! I have worked hard on Chip this yr to get him to go on, especially towards the finish line, and in training I use his ball, so I suppose I have to forgive him.However it was harder for him to go round the jump rather than actually jump it !!!
Disney and Stella won the medium pairs and Disney also got a 2nd in Gd 7 jumping. Woody again was a little star and got 4 places out of 4 classes including 2 4ths. Here is a video of some of their runs.

My last show was Mid Downs at the Autumn country Fair at Ardingly. I love this show with only one ring to worry about ,its nice and relaxed, but best of all a lovely show to look around. It was a bit of a chilly blustery day, but thankfully dry.

I was very pleased with the way both Chip and Woody worked, Disney couldn't compete as there were no medium classes there. Woody did 2 lovely rounds but unfortunately had a pole down in one and missed his dog walk contact in the other. Chip came 6th in the Gd 6 Jumping and was going really well in the Agility, but some shoddy handling on a jump near the end scuppered any chance of a place...duh !! You can see it on the Video. I have posted even the not so good rounds.

Fozzies Obedience is coming on really well. I am really pleased with him:clap:. He has a lovely action in heelwork and his set exercises are very clean. I have now just got to fine tune everything and he'll be ready to compete early next year.

Whereas his Agility isn't quite so hot and I am struggling to enjoy training him at the moment. He is a spooky little dog, and he switches off easily. I am really struggling to keep him motivated, and if he gets upset by anything then I just can't get a thing out of him. I am not sure if its an age thing as he is still so puppyish or whether unfortunately I just have to accept I don't have another willing agility dog this time. I know(and yes I've been told countless times) that Chip also didn't have the spark when he started, but he was always very willing, and didn't switch off, also he is/was as cool as a cucumber and never ever spooks at anything !! So with Chip I didn't have to fight and work with other problems as well.

I had a private lesson with Fozzie yesterday, and it was dire. He spent the first 15 minutes spooking,barking,growling at 2 horses that had coats on them ,they were in the field next to the agility field. I just couldn't do a thing with him & I was getting more and more depressed(which obviously didn't help matters). he'd do a jump and then start being paranoid again about the horses ! he'd then sniff the ground looking for imaginary titbits, and then notice the horses again. Eventually we did 2 lines of jumps, with a massive reward and that was the end of the lesson....one very expensive line of jumps :( !!!
When I got home I was so down in the dumps , I even starting having awful thoughts of re homing him.:tears: !!! I never ever thought I'd even consider such a thing !

Having said all this,today I've decided to * lift myself up,brush myself off and start all over again* as the song goes :yes: . I've given myself a slap on the face, pulled myself together and told myself to just accept Fozzie for what he is, and try and get the best I possibly can from him. I may just continue training him in my field for the time being, and not take him to other venues until I have built his confidence(and mine) up again. When I feel he's beginning to enjoy it again, then I will do some one off training sessions elsewhere so he gets used to other equipment etc.
I will see??

Fozzie also just over a wk ago had Lungworm(or suspected Lungworm as it was never tested for) The fact he responded so quickly to the Panacur ,coupled with the fact none of my other dogs started coughing also sort of confirmed it. I suppose it could have been an extremely mild case of Kennel Cough but NO dogs he had been in contact with have coughed so I think not. I now have to deliberate over the best preventative treatment to give him & my others. Advocate is supposed to be the best, but there are so many differing opinions over whether it is safe for collies and their crosses!!

and lastly......

Last week I went down to see my best mate Jane in Devon. I only took Woody with me,basically because I wasn't happy about taking Fozzie to Janes as she has so many other dogs, plus a 3 wk old puppy. As there was(at the time) an element of doubt about the kennel cough/lungworm we felt it best to leave him home. I therefore had to leave Chip as his companion. It was actually lovely just having the one dog and being able to give him 100% of my time, and Woody is such a good dog to have around. He is wonderful with all Janes dogs & puppies and totally trustworthy with all her Chickens/Ducks/Ferretts/Cats !!!!!!
We had several lovely long walks whilst I was there, and Jane is such a brilliant cook , we also had some lovely meals & cakes.Unfortunately my diet lapsed and hasn't really returned..Ooops.

However whilst I was there my 19 year old cat Fella had a stroke, he lost the use of one of his legs and also went blind suddenly. Why do these things always happen when I am away? However Steve my hubby was brilliant and dealt with it all. Fella has been on medication now for over a week and I am delighted to say he has made a complete recovery, regained his sight and is back to his old self.

I have joined a local private gym so I am trying hard to get fit. I try to go 3-4 times a week. I do aerobics one evening and then swim for half hr, Step class another evening followed by a swim, and then at least one gym session(bike,rowing etc) followed by a swim. All this coupled with my hourly walk every day with the dogs, plus my agility training I should be super duper fit by next year...he he.

So hopefully by my next post I will have lots and lots of good news to post about Fozzie.
Woody & Disney have been invited to run at Discover Dogs again up at Earls Court next wk.
I am really looking forward to that. I shall be taking Fozzie along for the ride and I am sure it will do him good.

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  1. Well when you do an update, you really go to town! Glad Fella has made such a good recovery.