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Friday, November 20, 2009

Chuffed to Bits.

Yesterday was Fozzies Obedience training day. I am so very proud and chuffed with his attitude and his work. I have included a video taken. This will probably be the last video I take for a while, as really we are just extending/improving what he already knows so won't have much to show really. I will leave it a couple of months or more and re take some in the new year.

Hopefully his next video on here may be of some Agility training!! I am still struggling with him in the Agility, obviously Obedience looks to be his forte. Pity I'm not as keen on it as I am in agility

I have uploaded it in 2 formats because I have been told that some of you can't view Vimeo movies. Vimeo is a much better format with superior quality , I couldn't use youtube for this video because it blocked the attached tune !!! so for those that can't view vimeo I have also downloaded it via blogger.


This was held last week weekend at Earls Court in London. I always love going to Discover Dogs and once again both Disney & Woody were invited to go.
Woody was invited primarily because of his appearance on childrens TV at the moment in *Gigglebiz*. He was such a good boy, but for some reason this year struggled with the surface, which meant he couldn't jump properly. However he wasn't an embarrassment even though he was up against all Grade 7 handlers bar one. He missed a couple of contacts, but that was my fault for not working him properly, because I was concerned about his jumping action.

Woody was the only non collie there and the children loved him, and all came to see him afterwards.

Disney once again absolutely adored being under the spotlight. It is truly hard to remember sometimes he is 11 and half years old !!! unfortunately he took a slight fall off the Dogwalk in the first round, and in the second round missed his A-frame but he still came in 5th !!

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