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Sunday, November 22, 2009

By Jove he's got it !!!

Well today we had our monthly Toni Dawkins training day at my field. In the morning it was the young dogs/puppies. Unfortunately the rain (or should I say hail) came after an hr, it thundered and blew a gale so we abandoned ship. We were due to have another session in the afternoon for the older dogs, which I hastily cancelled, however literally 10 minutes later , the rain stopped and the sun came out !!! So it was all on again.

As I had done so little in the morning Toni said I could bring Fozzie back out to do some work in the next class. Obviously she had set harder exercises, but she made them slightly easier for Fozzie. Well I was amazed at him. As I said in a previous post he is far more confident in my field and boy was he today. I was overjoyed and it has made me realise I must stop working him at club and continue to get this drive and confidence in the field first. Toni also looked closely at my contacts. She agreed that he was beginning to anticipate the end position far too much ( as can be seen on the first Dog walk in the video) So she then asked me to show her what it was like with the mat ( as I originally taught) She feels for Fozzie this is by far the best way to go. We also did a couple of A-frames and although he didn't go as low into the contact as I would like , he once again had better drive and commitment over it.

I finished the day on a real high and what a wk....His Obedience is brill and now his agility is coming together.....HOORAY:clap:.:clap:.:clap:.
Here is a small video of him..Please post a reply if you can't watch it and I'll post a smaller blogger one.


  1. That's so cool, please visit me on my blog.

  2. All dogs looking brilliant, Fozzie is turning into a bit of a star now, see there was no need to worry :-) was lovely to see Disney at Discover dogs. x