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Monday, September 28, 2009

Trial Run

I've just downloaded an application onto my iphone so I can update my blog via the phone whilst I am away. So this is just a trial to see if it works ok !

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poor Fozzie AGAIN !!

You may all recall on my blog back in April reading about Fozzies bad experience at the Easter show when he was 6 mths old. Just to recap he was badly attacked ring side by a Border Terrier, Fozzie sustained a very bad bite on his nose and abrasions to his lip. I reported it and have since heard that the owner got a tap on the hand and a fine of £50..big :censored: deal !! My Fozzie recovered very well although initially if a bouncy dog with a dark face approached him he did try and snap at it a little. Over the past 6 months Fozzie had gone from strength to strength and I had forgotten about his trauma. As anyone who knows him knows, he is a confident puppy and was approaching all dogs happily and in a very friendly manor.

Well yesterday and this morning all that could have changed :(
Last night Fozzie started his big boy agility classes. he was brill and all was going well until a black dog ran for the ball his owner had thrown him(which unfortunately landed by Fozzies feet) and the dog rushed in to get his ball & really growled at Fozzie. After that Fozzie got very worried by all the dark faced dogs in the class !!!

Then on my walk this morning ( an hr earlier than normal cause of work ) a black GSD had a go at him. I was coming round some bushes ,the dogs went round first, and suddenly I heard this scream. I ran round to see Fozzie disappearing screaming down the lane, and the guy hastily putting his dog on the lead.
I was too worried about Fozzie to ask the guy for his name . Fortunately Fozzie ran into an entrance leading to a field and then back tracked to me. However if he'd continued he'd have run onto a busy road and who know what the outcome would have been. By the time I had got Fozzie back the guy was long gone !!!

Fortunately there was no physical injury to Fozzie just mental. I now fear Fozzie will become a fear biter having had 3 bad experiences in his first year and 2 incidents of hostility within 24 hrs. !!

To say I am upset would be an understatement. My Disney has always been nervous of other dogs since he was also attacked by 2 dogs at a very similar age. Disney will never ever start anything but if a dog sniffs him, he'll react and ask questions later !!
I just pray I don't have a repeat of this with Fozzie.


However on a brighter note ,I was overjoyed with him at his first agility class.
It was a very hyper group (to say the least !!!) 6 dogs in the group and 4 of them real barkers and screamers(this probably didn't help the atmosphere amongst the dogs!!)
Fozzie was EXTREMELY keen and enthusiastic. The dog walk was set low on trestles and the instructor suggested trying him with a target pot at the end. Well Fozzie flew over the contact,no hesitation at all on the down plank and on the 2nd attempt even stopped in an almost perfect position. I don't want to rely on the target pot as its not a method I have previously used, but I am going to use a variation of this eventually !!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September news

Where is the year going? here we are almost half way through September, and only 3 more shows till I finish for the winter :-( It seems like only yesterday that I was getting myself ready for my first show in March !

So whats been happening !! Well first off the TV programme *Gigglebiz* that Woody has a part in has started to air on Cbeebies. Its on at 5-35 everyday. He has appeared in the first 4 episodes this wk,with the other 7 of his sketches slotted in over the next 4 wks. So far he looks brilliant ( even though I say so myself) If you want to catch up with some you can do here on the BBC iplayer. There have been some great comments about Woody already on the Cbeebies message board so I am a very proud mum.

Last week Beth my niece qualified Woody for Crufts. She came 2nd in the semi final of the YKC up in Birmingham. She also came 2nd with Disney and as the first place person has decided to take her other dog, Beth has qualified with Disney by default. However Beth can also only take one dog so she will have to decide who she wants to run at Crufts 2010.
Here is a video of her run.

That same weekend I was at Letchworth. I had a great time. It is a lovely relaxed show and the weather was lovely albeit quite windy.
My dogs worked well. Woody clocked up 3 top ten places(good old Mr reliable) but it was Chip I was so pleased with.He came 5th in Graded 6-7 Jumping .He got a second in the Grade1-7 power and speed, being beaten at the very end by 0.02 of a second..WOW !! And then went into combined 6-7 Agility and came 9th. He did a lovely round but once again a slightly slow dog walk & A frame contact made the difference between 3rd and 9th place!!! I only have one video of the weekend and luckily it was this one.


I'm not sure what is happening to his coat !!! However I found an old photo of Chip at roughly the same age and his coat did a very similar thing along the back,so I am keeping my fingers crossed Fozzies will turn out just like Chip's.
The weird and wonderful coat ???

Well hows his training going?.......Well I had a brilliant session at Obedience on Thursday, he was very keen,fast & concentrated. In fact his recall was soooo fast that he crashed through my legs and almost ended up upside down ! I was then paranoid I'd broken him, he was fine though. We did about 15 minutes work and I finished on a real high.
He starts big boy agility in 2 weeks. I am very excited about this,but also quite nervous. This will be the first time since we did our foundation class(when he was 6 mths old) that he has worked in a group setting. I know when I try and do anything in my field with him when I have my other dogs with me,he is really terrible and only focuses his attention on them, so I'm not sure what to expect. This will surely be the title of my next post I expect.

So what have I been doing as regards his agility work ? Well the channel weaves are as near as they can be without him actually having to move his body. I don't like to close the weaves up any further until a) the puppy is about 1 yr old and b) I have got them going into the channels from all angles. I love teaching weaves so I am quite anal about how I do it, but I am quite proud of all my previous dogs weaves, so I shall continue to be this way.
The jumps I have literally just put up onto the small height. Once again I like to wait till they are nearly a year old before I start to jump them properly. Fozzie is fully grown now so I am happy to do this. He is very confident over these so I am pleased.
Lastly his dog walk.....Mmmmm Well......
....I was working on a 4 off dog walk hoping to get speed over the contact but with a controlled down on a mat at the end. All was going well until I put the dog walk on trestles. Once the angle of the decent was altered so was the behaviour I was getting. He started to jump from the end of the walk to his mat rather than run through the contact area to it ! I gave a lot of thought to this, and have spoken to a few people and have sort of decided to revert to 2 on and 2 off. Luckily Fozzie will happily run to a dead toy ,so I hope he will keep the speed we had got over the contact once we put in a stop. Work in progress should I say.
Here is a little video taken today in the field. The camera work is thanks to my 11yr old niece Beth.