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Friday, August 07, 2009

Lots of catch up !

I am off on a 2 wk agility holiday in just under a couple of days, so I thought I had better bring my blog up to date before I go.

Firstly a Fozzie update. Well his pre agility training is coming on very well and I am very pleased with him so far. I started a little foundation class for some friends with the intention of training Fozzie in it, but it proved impossible to teach and train so up till 2 weeks ago all my training was done on my own which meant no exciting start lines, just waits. He actually now has an excellent start line wait. However 2 wks ago I started training my sister in laws puppy for 20 minutes before the main class,this enabled me to bring Fozzie out to train with Charlie. It meant for the first time I could have someone hold him and wind him up and I could recall him down long lines of jump wings...great. I have also now started to place his mat at the end of the dog walk down plank (at very low height) and he is hitting his mat dead on. Next I need him to do it independently of me , so I can be anywhere and he still gets the criteria right. Up to now I have been mostly in front and rewarded with a click and then food from my hand,I now want to progress this so I am behind him but he still faces forward to get his reward. That is my homework when I return from holidays.

His obedience is also coming on well. I have sped up his recall and retrieve over the last 3 wks and his heel work position is getting better, however mentally he tires very quickly and struggles a little,I hope this will improve with age.

So here are 3 little videos of him. One obedience video taken yesterday, one of his agility work taken last wk ,and then a slow motion video of his contact training.



Show News.

Well at long last here is the video of Woody's lovely run at Rugby show a few wks back

and finally last week at Tenterden...

I was absolutely over the moon after last weekend. On the Saturday I was very despondent with Chip. We were just not getting things together and I had actually asked someone else to run him for me in some runs as i just felt I wasn't doing him justice.
Someone then gave me a real talking to,everything they said was so true. I was trying too hard with him and therefore putting too much pressure on both myself and him.They also said I could achieve with him and I wasn't crap like I was beginning to think I was.
So on the Sunday I decided to run him in the 2 runs he had. Well what can I say. He was brill. His 2 classes were both Gd 6-7. He came 12th in the Jumping ! there were some messy bits as well as some brill bits and I could see where he could make up the 2 seconds that split him and the top 3 places.
In the Agility he came 5th !!!! Once again a slow dog walk and a slightly messy turn made the difference between him and a possible win (time wise)
I came away elated and now more full of confidence,especially as he has the final of the Celebration Connection at the Dogs in Need show in 2 weeks. Here is a video of the 2 runs and the various mistakes.I apologise for the commentary by my very silly friends...enjoy !!!!!!!!


  1. I think I hear a new career for Jenny and Andrea there!!!! well done Rosie
    Love Emma & Beth x

  2. wow Fozzie is looking brilliant Rosie and you had a great time at KC and DIN xxx