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Sunday, August 30, 2009

KC Festival, D.I.N and other updates

My holidays are almost over, I have had 3 weeks off and its been wonderful. Firstly some catch up news with Fozzie. Whilst away he turned 10 mths old,unfortunately I didn't get a photo of him but he really hasn't changed at all. I will get one at 11 months old in about 10 days time. He is still as naughty as ever and still stealing everything in sight. I can't relax much with him around. I spoke with the owner of his Granddad(on his dads side) and she didn't make me feel any better,she says he'll probably start to behave when he's about 10 yrs old.......noooooo !!!!!!!!
Here is a picture of his handsome granddad "Wizard" who is a show champion

As far as his training goes I am experiencing some problems creeping in ,which I am putting down to just his age I hope. He seems to get bored very easily and stops trying. If I throw a toy after he has done something ie the weaves he'll dash out and get it but seems in no hurry to get back to try again.He seems a little lack lustre. What he does is very correct but with not much enthusiasm any more. I am also seeing a lot of stubborn behaviour coming in. A sort of *I won't & you can't make me * sort of thing. Its the same with his obedience. He tries hard for about 5 - 10 minutes and then switches off. I am feeling a little despondent about it, but I am sure he'll come right. I had the same issues with him when he was teething, and I guess this is all down to hormones because yesterday he became a man and cocked his leg for the first time !!
He starts big boy agility lessons in about 3-4 wks time, and I am sure once he gets in with a group he'll liven up. It definitely isn't the same for me or the dogs training on my own, I think they need the excitement of others working.
Once we start agility I may stop his obedience training for a while, I will tick along with it, but I am wondering if he's the type of puppy/dog that can't cope with too many things.

So onto my agility holiday.......

Because we were having our house rewired I decided to go away earlier for the KC Festival. My friends Jennie & Andrea also wanted to go away earlier ,so on Sunday 9th August we departed. We stayed on a lovely farm site not far from Market Harborough & only about 15 miles from Kelmarsh Hall where the KC festival was being held. It was a lovely site albeit surrounded by rivers and streams, not so good with a bunch of water loveing dogs ! The daily walk was through a field of horses and fowls and then on the last day a flock of sheep were put in there ! All the dogs were great though. It was a very relaxing 3 days before we went up to the KC Festival and thank goodness it was !!! You'll see why when you read on...
Here is a picture from my caravan

So onto the KC FESTIVAL

Phew that's all I can say. It was enormous. On the Monday before we had driven over to the Hall from our farm to see what it was like,and as Norman was Judging and we were also booking people in on arrival day, we could choose where to camp. There were very few people there and no rings up so it was hard to judge distances. Jennie & Norman always like to be fairly nr the exercise area, whereas I like to be fairly nr to the rings what with running 3 dogs, so we chose what we thought would be a good compromise. It wasn't until everyone arrived and the rings were in place that we realised just how far we were from everything. I must have walked miles. I was camped in the same area as Hannah and if you read her blog on the Festival you will see she has sort of worked out how much walking she must have done with just 2 competing dogs,and I had 3 competing dogs!!. In particular it was worse for me on the Friday as my niece came up to run all my dogs.So in addition to my 3 dogs having 3 runs each with me, plus Disney in the KC Olympia semi's, I also had to go to the ring with Beth every time when she ran the dogs. I was totally exhausted,had a thumping headache by the end of the day and vowed NEVER again. Every trip back from the rings seemed like an eternity.
On the good side Beth ran the dogs beautifully, unfortunately a couple of small errors meant she didn't make the finals but she did brilliantly. Here is a video of her runs. I think I made an error on Woody's run and he didn't infact come 6th in that particular round but in the other one. !!

Woody was brill again for me, unfortunately only got a couple of videos, but here is one

Chip was ..well Chip !! I got some good start line waits from him, but I did some shoddy handling as well. I also had a very bad fall which didn't help my overall feelings for the weekend. It was in the Grade 6 Agility. I was really looking forward to running in the class. It was being judged by Nancy Hudson.I love her handling type of courses. Well I set Chip up in a wait and managed to get a 2 jump wait. When I released him he was supposed to go into the wrong end of the tunnel, however he cut in front of me and literally took me off my feet. I landed in a crumpled mess,hurt my elbow and shoulder and also my bad leg. I made a quick departure mainly through embarrassment !!!! I spoke with Nancy afterwards and she assured me it wasn't any bad handling on my behalf ,it was Chip being naughty !!!

Disney was either fantastic or terrible. He was also in the KC Olympia semi's. I really wanted him to do well as I fear that at aged 11 years his time is running out for Olympia. Amanda Rodgers had set up a lovely course , with some tricky bits but nothing I was really worried about. Disney set off wonderfully(hard to believe he's 11 yrs old) he tackled the bit where most eliminations were happening at the long jump and the 2 jumps after the cloth tunnel, I was now feeling good..into the weaves and then Disney took the wrong end of the tunnel. I really hadn't expected this at all. I sort of gave up then and stopped working him. I have to be honest and say I was very disappointed to say the least. I have included the video anyway. He was working so well.

From the KC Festival we went 120 miles down to Ipswich and Dogs in Need.
We arrived on the Sunday as once again we were helping book everyone into camping.
What a fantastic week weather wise,the sun shone everyday , although there was quite a wind.
Chip totally made up for performances at the KC festival and worked amazingly. He got a 3rd and 6th in Grade 6 jumping and a 9th in Grade 6 agility( with 5 faults) he had the fastest 5 faults and if he hadn't knocked the pole he'd have come 2nd ,only being 0.08 of a second off the winner !!! Once again it was a handling course as opposed to a fast flat out course. it was Judged by Dennis McCauley and was very tricky. Chip was superb with fabulous fast contacts and very tight. Unfortunately I don't have any runs from D.I.N on video, which is sods law as I had some of Chips best ever runs there, maybe that's telling me something ! When they are being filmed they never turn out the best..hmmm.
Chip was also in the Final of the Celebration Connection class,held on the Thursday. Unfortunately I placed myself in the wrong position for the tunnel/tunnel combination and he went in the wrong end ( me and tunnels eh ???????)
Still at least he got to the final.

Disney got through to the Championship Final but unfortunately flew the seesaw which he's been doing quite a bit of late.I don't train him at club anymore and I think my seesaw at home is weighted differently ! Still once again I was very proud to have him in it.

Woody once again came home with several nice places including 2nd in the fancy dress pairs.( Bathing Belles & Wrestlers) His partner was Roo handled by Andrea. Chip and Quiche came 5th in the same class. They would have definitely beaten Woody & Roo on time as they are both very fast,but Chip ran for his ball at the finish line and by the time I had got him back into the box we had lost about 3-4 seconds. We were told afterwards by the judges that infact as long as I was in the box Andrea could have gone,but we didn't know that and I didn't want to be eliminated.

Don't we look a picture

Unfortunately I didn't get any of my dogs into the end of week finals. Typically they did all their best rounds on non qualifying days and on the qualifiers completely mucked up ( I have to say some of the qualifying courses were extremely tricky)
In one of Woody's they had to go from angled 6 weaves to another angled 6 weaves. If dogs weren't getting eliminated or faulted there,they were getting eliminated on a very close tunnel to dog walk combination. I was very confident going into the ring with Woody because I know how honest he is. We got through all the traps and he went into the first weaves(which were at a horrible angle) but for some reason he stopped weaving and looked worried, he then came out of the weave. I jollied him up ,put him back in the weave and he continued perfectly. I don't know what was wrong with him but it cost us a place in the final !

Maybe next year I'll get 4 dogs into the finals...yikes !! 4 dogs to run ,how will I ever manage that.

Next weekend Beth is in the Crufts YKC Semi Finals up in Birmingham with both Disney & Woody. Fingers crossed for them. It would be good to get one of them to Crufts again next year.


  1. Wow, you've been busy. I am sure Fozzie will come through this stage and I agree, once you start training in a more exciting environment that will help.

    I'm sorry you didn't get to complete my course and am glad you didn't hurt yourself too much.

    See you soon

  2. You must be tired after all that activity! Hope your weekend is full of treats and love!

    bunny kisses,
    Lovey (for Charlie's DogBlog)