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Monday, July 27, 2009

In loving Memory

I just had to put a post on about dear Tommy ,who passed away today.

Tommy was Disney's twin brother and Woody's dad. Without dear Tommy I wouldn't have any of my boys ,as they are all descended from Tommy.

Tommy was diagnosed with cushings disease about 3 years ago and although on medication , had continued to lead a full and normal life. Last weekend he even had the fastest time in the KC Olympia medium qualifier up in Norfolk , but sadly knocked a pole. He was still as keen and fast as ever(Just like his brother Disney)

Tommy took a turn for the worse suddenly at the weekend.He'd been out for a lovely walk , then Chris (his owner) went out for a couple of hrs. When she came back Tommy was hiding in the bathroom and had suddenly gone blind and deaf. Apparently his liver was giving out toxins which cause this. When Chris tried to lift him he screamed and panicked. She rushed him to the Vets and he was put on a drip and stabilized, by the next day his sight had returned but he was still critical. This was all down to his Cushings disease.Yesterday he appeared to be rallying round and had even eaten a little and they were waiting for a specialist to come and see him,but sadly overnight he started fitting and deteriorated fast. Chris was called in and had to make the decision we all dread first thing this morning.

We were worried that this could be a hereditary condition,because between us we have 5 descendants of Tommy, but we have been reassured by the specialist and various articles on the Internet that Cushings is most definitely not a hereditary condition.Cushings syndrome is a hormone (endocrine) disorder caused by high levels of cortisol in the blood. This can be caused by taking steroid type drugs for long periods of time or by tumours that can produce cortisol.
We may never know why poor Tommy succumbed to this horrible condition, and to lose such a wonderful little man is so sad.

RIP Dear Tommy....18th May 1998 - 27th July 2009

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  1. Chris - so sorry to hear about Tommy. Jane (poodles)