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Monday, July 06, 2009


Well we have just had our weeks holiday in Devon. The weather was superb apart from one day when we had rain on and off. It was still very hot that day and the rain was quite refreshing as we were doing a long walk.
We spent a lot of time with my best friend Jane & her husband Graham and their 8 dogs. We did some lovely long walks,had some lovely meals and ate far too much(far too many cream teas Jane !!!!) So my diet started today.....again !
The dogs had a whale of a time. Because of the weather being so hot we decided to do mainly riverside walks,so the dogs could go in and out of the water and also there is a lot of shade from the trees. Normally we love doing Dartmoor walks but it is so exposed with no shelter. This was Fozzies first proper holiday and he loved every minute of it,however rather than be exhausted after the long days ,he seemed to get on a high and decided to be very naughty ! He chewed through the fabric crate he sleeps in at night, then started on the Caravan. The next day he thought the carpet needed some attention , and he has gone from bad to worse since then. He is constantly stealing things,chewing things and just generally being hard work. I really feel I must start more intense training with him particularly domestically. He really is an unruly teenager !!! The dogs all came back from the holiday very itchy, so the moment we got home they all had a bath, I found 3 tics on them. I don't think this caused the itchiness I think it may have been a combination of salt sea water from the beach trip and the river water, which although very clean it must contain minerals or something. They are certainly better since their baths but not quite 100%

The weekend before our hols I went to Lansdown agility show. It was VERY hard for me to go back to this show as it was at this show last year I had to have dear Libby put to sleep.It bought all those memories flooding back. I slept in my van as Steve (hubby) took my caravan to Devon ready for our hols. It was actually very cosy & comfortable.
Disney was a star again and came 2nd in a horrible grade 6/7 jumping course. Chip worked nicely again,he did some very good waits, but once again my handling let him down. Woody was a little star again. he did some lovely rounds and got a couple of places. In one round he was going so well up till he went into the tunnel,but when he came out of it he was in quite a state and very worried. It transpired that he came out with a Bumble Bee attached to him !! Woody is petrified of bee,wasps and flies at the best of times so this must have really traumatised him. Luckily the judge was brilliant and asked if I wanted to put Woody back through the tunnel. I did so and Woody was fine.
We were hoping to qualify for Crufts with our medium team at this show and we were leading all the way till the last team,who just beat us by a fraction of a second. It was real shame because Disney got faulted on his seesaw by coming off slightly on the side,but he definitely got his contact but still got faulted, if he hadn't we would have definitely won this and would now be taking our Sunbury team to Crufts for the 3rd year. We have one more opportunity to qualify next weekend so fingers crossed.

I thought you would like to see some pics of our holiday and a small video of the dogs just being dogs !!! You may want to turn the volume down becasue of Woody's barking...lol.

With our friends Jane & Graham


  1. We enjoyed your stay in Devon too, 10 dogs walking together and no problems (apart from 1 miserable cyclist). Looking forward to your next visit.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time.
    love Mum