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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Filming all finished

Filming for the series Woody is in, finished on Tuesday. They are still filming some more material for the programme, but all that Woody is in has been done. I actually got quite emotional saying my goodbyes. It had been a great time,Woody was a true star and the crew were so kind and friendly, and Justin Fletcher (the star) was such a lovely person and he adored Woody. We have an invite to go and visit him sometime in the future so he can have his fix of Woody cuddles :-))
The programme is called Gigglebiz ,its a comedy programme with several small sketches in it,and is due to be shown from the end August for 12 weeks,Woody is in one of the sketches called Humphrey.

So things are back to normal,or as normal as it is in my house.

Last Thursday we had an invasion of Gypsies in the field next door to my agility field,so every piece of equipment had to be moved out. We now have a front garden full of equipment !! However today they moved on,so going to mow the field and move everything back. It was a worrying time because at one stage there seemed to be some arriving every day. I haven't dared go over to see what sort of mess has been left behind !!! My guess it will be a long time till I can walk the dogs over there.

There hasn't been any shows for me for the past 3 weeks,but we will be making up for it over the next month as it seems there is something every weekend during June,plus we are going on holiday to Devon for a few days as well at the end of the month.

Its fortunate that I didn't have any shows scheduled as both Woody & Chip had to go to the chiropractor as both had slight neck problems. My chiropractor is convinced both were possibly caused by one extremely naughty puppy barging into them when we are out. Fozzie doesn't have any manners with the other dogs.

Talking of Fozzie,he is still chewing everything and anything,he has to be watched constantly as everything goes missing.

I can't end a post without a picture or video so here is one of Woody on set.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your field. Glad your equipment is safe though. Hopefully your field will be usable soon.