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Monday, June 22, 2009

Just like Buses........

..they all come at once !!!

As you all know I have just finished filming a childrens TV programme with Woody,due to start screening in August/Sept ? I have been asked several times why I don't do media work with my dogs full time ,and to be sure I'd really
love to,however jobs for them just don't come that often especially long term ones and when they do they all come together ! So that's how the title of this post came about. Unbelievably I had a call for Woody to do another job whilst we were actually on set for Gigglebiz so I had to turn that down, I've then had a call from one of my other agents for measurements of all my dogs and what they could & couldn't do,this is for something later this year I believe, I then had a job come through for Chip and Fozzie but I am holiday when they needed them(damn) and then last week I had a last minute call for a job for Disney,however this job didn't actually go ahead. So in the space of 5 weeks I had 4 other offers of work for my boys. I know that I may not now get another call for months ,so in the meantime its carry on childminding and dog training with a sprinkling of media work in between!!!

So onto show news. Thames was on the 13/14th June.I had hurt my back badly on the Thursday before so I wasn't running at all well. I had a mixed weekend of results.
Disney got a 1st in the grade 6-7 jumping,what an amazing little dog he is at 11 yrs old and still holding his own.Unfortunately I had borrowed Steve's camcorder and it had run out of battery. The Champ class wasn't quite so successful and he got eliminated in the jumping round,because of my back I decided not to do the other rounds.
Chip was a little star and did some nice rounds but either had a pole down or a refusal in his classes. However Beth(my niece) ran him in him in the junior class and he came 2nd.You can see a little video of it on Beths own blog here.BETHS BLOG.
Woody ,as usual,hardly put a foot wrong,he came 8th with Beth and had several good rounds with me also. Here is the one video I have before the battery went.

Last weekend it was Axtane. Well what a weekend we had.
Disney qualified for the KC Olympia semis again,his 5th Olympia semi !The semi will be held at the KC festival in August.He came 1st in Gd 6-7 Jumping and also Gd 4-7 agility.Here is a video of the KC run and the jumping run.

Woody,sporting his new go faster haircut !!!! didn't have such a good Saturday,mainly a weave issue.He kept coming out the last weave ! However he made up for it on the Sunday where he did 2 lovely agility rounds and got 2 top ten places.Video below.

Chip was working fantastically all weekend, just small mistakes in each class mostly poles. But I was overjoyed that he came 2nd in the Easter celebration connection class and also qualified for a final in August. The funny thing about this place is I really didn't want to run him, I couldn't get my head around the course and my back was aching, I actually asked several people if they would run him for me, but they declined because of the course. Anyway I decided what the hell I would go ahead and do it, and we somehow just got it so together.We went into the lead by over 2 seconds and stayed there for nearly the whole class and was then pipped at the post. I was very happy to be beaten by Ruth (even though I told her what course to take !!!!)
I am extremely pleased with Chips waits,he hasn't broken one for me for the last 2 weeks. I have included a video of him ,unfortunately I don't have the connection one..which is typical, I never have the best rounds on video ! The 2 runs I have posted are where he uncharacteristically made mistakes in the weaves, I ran the first and then once again ,because of my back ,my friend Norman Love ran him. That would have been a fantastic run but for those blooming weaves as you will see !!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Filming all finished

Filming for the series Woody is in, finished on Tuesday. They are still filming some more material for the programme, but all that Woody is in has been done. I actually got quite emotional saying my goodbyes. It had been a great time,Woody was a true star and the crew were so kind and friendly, and Justin Fletcher (the star) was such a lovely person and he adored Woody. We have an invite to go and visit him sometime in the future so he can have his fix of Woody cuddles :-))
The programme is called Gigglebiz ,its a comedy programme with several small sketches in it,and is due to be shown from the end August for 12 weeks,Woody is in one of the sketches called Humphrey.

So things are back to normal,or as normal as it is in my house.

Last Thursday we had an invasion of Gypsies in the field next door to my agility field,so every piece of equipment had to be moved out. We now have a front garden full of equipment !! However today they moved on,so going to mow the field and move everything back. It was a worrying time because at one stage there seemed to be some arriving every day. I haven't dared go over to see what sort of mess has been left behind !!! My guess it will be a long time till I can walk the dogs over there.

There hasn't been any shows for me for the past 3 weeks,but we will be making up for it over the next month as it seems there is something every weekend during June,plus we are going on holiday to Devon for a few days as well at the end of the month.

Its fortunate that I didn't have any shows scheduled as both Woody & Chip had to go to the chiropractor as both had slight neck problems. My chiropractor is convinced both were possibly caused by one extremely naughty puppy barging into them when we are out. Fozzie doesn't have any manners with the other dogs.

Talking of Fozzie,he is still chewing everything and anything,he has to be watched constantly as everything goes missing.

I can't end a post without a picture or video so here is one of Woody on set.