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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May News.. Woody Filming,Fozzie & Shows

Lots going on here at the moment,I just don't have a spare moment.
We are nearing the end of Woody's filming. Its for Cbeebies series called *Gigglebiz* which is a programme with several short funny sketches in.They have made 25 episodes and Woody appears in everyone,sometimes a big part sometimes just at the start and finish of the sketch called Humphrey.Woody plays Archie who is Humphreys dog(the Character played by Justin Fletcher) Woody has been fantastic. He is loved by everyone and has done everything asked of him. It is due to be screened starting the end of August.
We've been on location all over the place...Weymouth, at a wildlife park,farm,garden centre,several parks.Its been so much fun with a lovely crew and off couse with Justin ,who is the most lovely person.
Here are a selection of pics I've taken so far.
At Weymouth


My Mr funny looking Fozzie is 7 months old today. I keep saying his coat isn't growing much, but when I looked at the photos I have just taken to put on here ,he seems to have sprouted more hair on his face since yesterday !!!!
His scar on his nose is slowly going and I am beginning to relax a bit more now when I am out walking him. I still put him on a lead if I am the slightest bit unsure of the dog that's approaching,but usually Woody & Chip are my guides as to how friendly the dog is and I then let him off. He is still very confident to approach them,so hopefully its had a happy ending. I have temporarily stopped walking him on his own,it was getting very difficult with the filming going on etc and as I said it helps having my 2 extremely dog friendly dogs with him at the moment.
His training is coming on very well,but once again lack of spare time means not much practice. Once filming has stopped we can resume it all with enthusiasm.


Last weekend it was Tunbridge Wells.
Chip wasn't really with me at all over the weekend.We just couldn't get it together and once it went wrong it went wrong big style. Every round he was a little off his head, and I withdrew him from one agility round because he broke his wait again. So no places or clears for Chip.
Disney did some lovely rounds and finished up 6th in the Olympia qualifier. He did a fantastic Grade 6-7 jumping but ran past the second to last jump and was eliminated,but boy was he fast.
Woody..well what can I say about my perfect little star....6 runs , 6 clear rounds with 5 places and one run just out of places. They went down to 10th and he came 11th !!!

The week before was Vyne.

Woody was once again my star. 2 clears out of 3 and 2 places.
Disney was in the Champ class and he actually got through to the finals. He really worked well ,but unfortunately I am having to push him harder now and he flew his seesaw. His round was very tight and smooth and I have it on video but haven't got round to downloading it yet..I will soon.
Chip did some very nice rounds with just small mistakes on my side.

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