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Friday, May 22, 2009

Disney's Birthday & Fozzies training

Firstly I have to say a Huge Happy Birthday to my extra special boy Disney. He was 11 years old on 18th May.

Well his training is coming on big time. My early reservations are unfounded. He's getting stronger in his Obedience all the time. He now has learnt all the basics and its now just a case of fine tuning & practice over the next few months ready for his debut in the ring in about 3 months time hopefully. He is still quite reliant on his titbits being held in the hand for heelwork, so we have to wean him from them, so they can be in my pocket or pouch.
He has now done 5 puppy agility sessions, and is having great fun. It's me thats the problem. You get lazy when you have experienced dogs that know what they are doing and forget puppies need SO much help. I find myself doing things when I am handling,that I nag my students not to do all the time. Its so easy to see other people making mistakes,but also so frustrating to know that I am often making the same mistakes !!!!! DUH
I'd like to explain my training method for my contacts. Firstly I am running Fozzie over the dogwalk contact as fast as I can. Whether he hits the contact area or not is immaterial at the present , as long as he doesn't actually jump off the contact (hence the hoop) I will reward him. I just want speed and confidence at this stage. I am then teaching his go to a mat separately. I have only just started this and eventually I want him to run to the mat,lay down and look forward away from me. When I have got both these behaviours I will then put the mat at the end of the contact about 2-3 ft away. I am then hoping he will still keep the speed across with a stop at the bottom.Eventually I will bring the mat closer and closer to the contact. My reasons for trying this method this time is because all my other dogs were taught a 2 on and 2 off from the start,and they all have slow contacts on the down plank. Only time will tell whether this will work with Fozzie but I certainly want to try it. I'll keep you posted.
Here are 2 little videos taken this week showing his Obedience and Agility training.


  1. Great job with the running contacts! Those jumping exercises looked great too.

    VERY nice fronts!! He fronts so close to you! He's going to rack up the points when he starts competing in obedience.


  2. Also -- happy birthday Disney. He sure doesn't look 11.