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Monday, April 13, 2009

Poor Fozzie, & Easter Celebration show

Well I am back from a very stressful weekend at the Easter Celebration Agility show.

On the Saturday poor Fozzie was attacked by a Border Terrier by the side of the ring. I was watching my friend run her dog ,and was just about to walk away to see her when the dog lunged & attacked Fozzie. It got Fozzie by the nose and wouldn't let go. Fozzie was screaming . Eventually the dog did let go & people rushed to help. I was in a right state as was Fozzie. The people with the terrier were totally unapologetic and just blamed me and Fozzie for the attack !!!!!!!! luckily I had loads of witnesses who saw everything. Apparently this dog is well renowned for being vicious and had in fact had a go at another dog not 10 minutes before he bit Fozzie!

The people didn't once ask how Fozzie was or say sorry, and they even tried to leave the show,luckily they were stopped.
This dog has bitten several times before but hasn't been reported, so is allowed to continue to compete and be a potential danger to other dogs,such as my poor Fozzie.
Well to cut a long story short ,it is being taken further this time and is being reported to the Kennel Club. So hopefully this will be the last time it will hurt another dog.

Other people at the show were fantastic and very supportive , so thank you Bernadette,Karen,Leah, Jason,Nancy,Jennie and everyone else who came to ask how Fozzie was. And of course thank you to Andrea who made sure the people didn't get away.
Luckily he was fine later walking round the ring and was OK with other dogs he met afterwards, although he was very very wary of border terrier type dogs. We met a little pug and Fozzie was extremely unhappy around him,I guess its a colour related thing?I just hope this won't affect him as he matures.

The good news is the wound looks lots better today.
Yesterday he was 6 months old and I always take photos of my puppies on every monthly anniversary(plus loads in between) so his 6 mth old one doesn't look quite so lovely with a scarred nose , but I have posted them anyway,plus one of his nose shortly after he was bitten. This was the top wound ,he had several punctures under the nose as well.

Mr Fozzie Bear

Back to the Show results..........

I have made up my mind that Chip will not be allowed to break his waits at all,so he gets one chance and if he breaks I take him out the ring. This happened on his very first run. However his next two were much more successful. He had a pole down in his second class and got eliminated in the KC qualifier(all my fault) but he worked beautifully.On the Sunday he still did his waits but once again had poles down.
Disney worked beautifully as well, he too had a pole down and an elimination on the Saturday and on the Sunday it was repeated. Its hard to believe he is nearly 11 years old. He is as keen as ever and still seems as fast, but he really can't compete with the young ultra fast medium collies( and shelties) that are everywhere now. I still just love running him and intend to enjoy every run I do for as long as he can.
Woody seemed a little off colour on the Saturday,then when I thought about it I realised he was just not jump fit. Unfortunately he hasn't had much training over winter(I have been concentrating on Chip) and it showed.He is VERY fit as far as exercise goes,but theres a big difference in the muscles used for jumping. Saturday he had 2 refusals(very uncharacteristic) and a pole down .On the Sunday he was much better and he came 7th in the KC Novice qualifier. He did another clear in the jumping, but was very wide and was just out of the places,and then I put him over the wrong jump in his last class,but he was jumping beautifully.


  1. So sorry to see poor Fozzie on Sat...hope he is recovering quickly...very pleased that this has been reported i wonder if its the same border terrier that bite Ann Hennessey Tippex just b4 she was about to run him...he got Tippex on the ear and blood was pouring so he couldnt compete..lets hope the KC see the potential threat this dog is imagine if he had got hold of a small dog!!

    Fab piccies though of Fozzie...he is turning out to be a lovely dog

  2. I really hope these people are taken to task. I am quite sure Fozzy will recover from this incident in your experienced hands. I hope he is still enjoying his new toy from Aunty! Bless his little heart. I so hate it when these things happen to young dogs.

    Good for you on Chip's start lines. You have to be strict with yourself, it will pay dividends later.


  3. Poor lad, lets hope something is done this time!
    He is looking very handsome, his white highlights really brighten his face up - very cute :)

  4. I felt so bad for you and for Fozzie. It looked like such an awful painful cut on such a sensitive area. Can you imagine if Fozzie had been as small as Itzy? She would have lost her little nose.

    I hope you get some satisfaction as it is awful to have such a lovely puppy recieve that kind of experience so young. So fustrating on how a "sorry" would have helped to diffuse the situation. I am glad you finally got their names in order to take it further.

  5. I am so sorry for poor Fozzie, he will well recover from the bad experienced with your help and endeless love. Titan was bitten by a collie at the same show last year! Hopefully these people learned to control their dogs!

  6. Poor Fozzie, I was so sad that this happened to him and I hope he is feeling a bit better, it was lovely seeing him yesterday at the puppy class, his healwork put everyone elses to shame !! xxxx

  7. The nose does look better - I'm sure Fozzie doesn't even remember it anymore!

    licks & slobbers,
    Charlie & human