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Monday, April 27, 2009

April news.

Well I must start with an update on Fozzie. His nose is beginning to heal and I am very pleased to say that there have been no nasty after effects. He is still approaching dogs happily, initially I was concerned because he appeared to be slightly fear biting if the dog got a bit over excited nr him,but I think he was actually just playing. I was, and still am paranoid that he will get bitten again, so I am keeping him on a lead and only letting him off when I am 100% sure of the other dog or we meet other dogs I already know are OK.
Fortunately we have been to 2 weekend shows since the attack and so I have been able to walk him around the rings, albeit cautiously. I steer very clear of any dogs that look the slightest bit iffy. He has also met 2 very nice mannered Border terriers since and he has been fine. I thank god that he had a really confident,extremely friendly temperament before this happened,if he had been a nervy puppy or already had a slightly dodgy temperament am sure the outcome could have been very different.I am just hoping that once his male hormones come in & as he gets older , it then won't have any long term detrimental effect.

We have started a puppy agility foundation course , a couple of his puppy friends go along too and I am so far very pleased with him. Its only real puppy stuff,teaching them to go round poles,on wobble boards,waits etc etc but all with agility in mind. I don't believe in starting young puppies on equipment too soon,there is so much foundation work that can be done even before they see any real agility equipment. Fozzie has done a couple of tunnels ,recalls through very very wide channel weaves, and a wait and a recall through jump wings but that's it.

His obedience training is coming on in leaps and bounds and I am thrilled. When I look back at one of my previous posts where I was worrying about him I now have to laugh.

Here is a little video of him taken about 10 days ago( about 4 days after his horrible attack!)

Now some Agility news.......
2 weeks ago we were at Wallingford agility show at Newbury. Disney came 1st in the pairs with Jennie & her lovely dog Stella. I continued my training of Chips waits and he did some lovely work. Woody as usual was a star & got a couple of top ten places.
No video taken there.

Last weekend we were at the WBSDS agility show,once again at Newbury

Disney,my little star, came 2nd in Grade 7 agility on the Saturday. He worked his socks off. On the Sunday there was a very tricky grade 6-7 course put up by Anthony Clark. I loved the challenge of it. It has a jump,tunnel under dog walk start.Dogs had to take the dogwalk. I watched dog after dog get eliminated at this point. I decided to trust Disney's training and his excellent start line wait and walk to the end of the dog walk and do a long recall,just telling him dogwalk. He did it perfectly and even got a cheer from the crowd that had built up round the ring to watch. He got the first extremely tricky weave entry and was going beautifully,until the last set of weaves, I flicked my shoulder slightly and he took a jump instead. I was very pleased with him,but could have kicked myself !!
Woody ,once again got a couple of lovely top ten places. He did one particularly nice jumping round but unfortunately had 2 poles down. As per usual the good rounds didn't get filmed whereas the not so good did.I have included this pole down round because I liked his enthusiasm. The other round was one of the better ones.

Chip was on fire. .He also did the very tricky course that Disney had done earlier and once again I left him in a wait and went 1/3 along the dog walk,he too went straight onto the dogwalk,however his downfall came with a refusal later in the course,but boy was I pleased with his work.He did his waits in all his other classes and worked superbly. He ended up 4th in Grade 6 agility on the Saturday and 7th in the jumping. I was totally overjoyed. I had resigned myself to the fact that my top ten places were over with Chip once he got into grade 6 ,but this clearly shows he has got what it takes and it has given me renewed confidence. I only had one jumping round videoed,luckily it was good one.


  1. Glad to hear Fozzie is OK. Well done with all your boys especially Chip. Great results in G6!

  2. Glad to see Fozzie seems none the worse after being so badly bitten.