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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Woo Hoo

Phew after my doom & gloom post at the beginning of the week,things have taken a real turn for the better.

I took Fozzie for his second proper Obedience lesson on Thursday,not expecting great things. I had gone armed with some very yummy,very smelly liver cake that dear Karen had made for me(thanks mate )plus some beautiful left over roast beef.

Fozzie was brilliant. Motivated,happy and he tried so so hard.( sure it was the liver cake..lol) I finished on a real high and 100% more positive He has also now cut all his teeth so his whole demeanor has changed again. He's happy,playing and back to his naughty self. I haven't started to really tug again yet with him, although he clearly wants to ,I will leave it a while till his teeth have really settled.
Walks will still continue on his own as well for 90% of the time,sometimes its just impossible to take him out separately.

I have included a small video of him on Thursday at Class, I left the funny bit of him nr the end. It was just so cute(don't think Janet thought so !!!) he started offering up some of his tricks in desperation for his titbit,and it was so funny..bless him.


  1. Wow Fozzie that is brilliant...very impressive..u will need to have a quiet word with Auntie Karen to see if she can make u somemore liver cake!


  2. Hi Rosie
    I've been following your blog for some months after finding it through Nancy Hudson's.
    Fozzie's training looks great. Who is your trainer and where is she based?