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Monday, March 02, 2009

Trip to Beach

Yesterday was a beautiful day so we decided to take the boys for a lovely walk on the beach. We went to West Witterings in Sussex, but when we got there the beach car park and road was shut. We drove to East Witterings and walked along the beach to the West beach. The first part of the beach is very pebbly and the tide was in,but as we walked further west the tide went out and we then had glorious sand.

Fozzie was really enjoying himself,jumping the water breaks (agility lad in the making ) and running around & herding (lol) the big boys , until he jumped over a wooden water break following Chip, and there must have been a deep pool the other side and he went under!!!. .After that he was very reluctant to go near the water again. Luckily they have their swim in the pool on Wednesday so hopefully it will get him over his mishap.
Here is a little video of our trip(including Fozzies little *trip* as well !

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