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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Few Days Training

This weekend I had 2 agility training days,Saturday with Natasha Wise and on the Sunday with Toni Dawkins. I did them both with Chip. I was a little concerned at doing 2 consecutive days with him but I needn't have worried.

Natasha was brilliant, and I picked up several things to work on from her,even though I have an untalented dog ! :-) I had to put that in, sorry Natasha if you read this .Let me explain what happened........ She was explaining something to me about a line of jumps and she said that naturally talented dogs would nearly always take this line, whereas Chip hadn't ! She didn't realise what she had actually said until everyone started making fun of me & Chip( all taken in good spirit) Natasha went Scarlett and didn't know what to say. She hadn't meant it as it sounded, and apparently she was actually referring to one of her own dogs , however she couldn't stop apologising . Poor Natasha obviously felt bad about it as she even mentioned it again to everyone when they went for a meal later in the evening.

Luckily I have a thick skin .

Sunday it was Toni training over at my field.
Boy the weather was kind to us..the sun shone and it was quite warm for nearly the whole 3 hrs.
I struggled a bit adjusting to a different trainers ideas. Although Toni & Natasha aren't too different in their handling/teaching there was enough of a difference to confuse me a little. Chip was fine,just his poor mum that struggled.
I am overjoyed at Chips waits,he was rock solid 98% of the time. The 2 occasions he broke his wait on the Saturday,I just withdrew him,let some others take their turn and then set him up again.
On the Sunday with Toni we were working on recalling the dogs over the contacts with at least one jump in between. Once again once Chip knew what was expected of him ,he was fabulous.
I am so enjoying him, he is keen , responsive, turns on a sixpence and gives absolutely 100%.

That was our last agility training day till October and we finished it off with a fab meal down at the local carvery.

Obedience with Fozzie & Chip on Monday evening

I decided to pay a visit to my old Obedience club on Monday night ( Surrey DTC) down in Worplestone nr Guildford.
There were only a few of us there, and I was made to feel very welcome. I haven't been there since Chip was about 18 mths old.
Fozzie was very happy there in the new environment and didn't disgrace me at all.
I did a fast recall, Margaret held him whilst I went to the end of the hall for the recall.
He did a very small amount of heelwork,but what he did I was thrilled with,he was attentive and keen.
Janet gave me loads to think about & practice on our last training session at Sunbury and its all beginning to pay off. We then did some stays. I have done very little in the way of stays with Fozzie but he was just brill. I think it helped that he was a little tired by then, but I managed to get about a 45 second sit stay and a minute down stay.

I then put him in out into the van and got Chip out. WOW that's all I'll say. He was gobsmacking. Everyone commented on how he looked and worked. Chip has got so much stronger mentally/physically and it shows.

So with renewed keenness I have entered a few Obedience shows this year !!!!

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  1. Sounds like Sizzle is also an untalented dog!

    Glad Chip was a good boy, guess he must be exhausted!