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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling a bit down & First show of the year.

I am writing this mainly for my own benefit so when I look back on this blog/diary in years to come I can say ,Oh yes I had forgotten Fozzie was just like that. We tend to forget just how our dogs were as puppies, and several times over the last week or so I have been reminded that my other dogs have reacted or been similar to Fozzie.

To get to the point I have been feeling a bit down/depressed at how things are progressing with Fozzie,he is teething badly so some of his behaviour/demeanour could be solely down to that,there is also the age thing going on,the stages of development most puppies go through.Some sail through these times with no hiccups,whereas some puppies react in strange ways .For instance he has
become very spooky at things generally & we're getting lots of panic barking,once again I've been told and read this can be age related .

Fozzie has stopped tugging & wanting to play generally,I am sure this is definitely down to his teeth,as I said in a previous post.But also he is generally not so motivated. I watched a DVD that I did of Chip growing and was amazed at how wonderful Chips heelwork was at the same age as Fozzie.( will try & post some Chip video at a later date) I struggled getting any bond with Chip for at least 10 months ,but here he was doing figure of eight heelwork,with such want & style.
I think Chip did so well because he was such a serious puppy. In fact he was like an adult dog in a puppy body. He was never naughty,never chewed,very quiet and as I have said showed no emotion at all. When you look at the video of him at 5 months old you could have almost been looking at an adult dog working..

Now Fozzie who is very puppylike in everything, cannot do more than 3 steps of heelwork without switching off. Plus most of his other behaviours have slowed down and he's just lost the edge !!!

So me being me,I analysed everything I was doing,and I am sure its something I am doing or not doing.
Well I came to the conclusion that a) I am being too serious and b) maybe just expecting too much from myself & Fozzie. c) not giving him enough *me* time.

So firstly all walks with the other dogs have been stopped. It has meant me getting up even earlier to fit this in, but I feel he has bonded too strongly with Chip & more so Woody and I'm just not so interesting. I'm not stopping him having contact in the house,but its also limited.
Whilst I am out on my own with him, I am using this time to just play with him as much as possible. Its also giving him independent confidence..its amazing how much confidence puppies draw from their pack members.

Yesterday I made him work for his lunch,I used to do this but stopped it once I changed his food,so its meant using kibble again because the thought of raw beef/tripe or chicken in my hand didn't really appeal :-))

I found if I did everything at 100 miles per hr, quick command,quick click and very quick reward he was fantastic. He became very switched on, precision wasn't great but attitude was. So that has told me training must have been getting a bit slow & stale for him.

I was told today ( and as I said we do tend to forget) that I had to leave Disney alone for about 2 months when he was training as a pup,because he also went through this sort of period..I had forgotten.

So I am sorry to have bored all you guys but as I said I want this for my own records really.

I have my monthly training on Thursday with Fozzie. I will hopefully get it filmed and all being well I shall put it on here..lets see if things have improved !!!


Saturday 14th march was Mid Downs and the first show of 2009 for me.
I have been working hard on Chips start line waits through the winter and was determined to get them in the ring. I had decided that if he didn't wait in the ring I would remove him immediately. I was over joyed that this wasn't necessary. I didn't push for a long distance wait at this show. I just did a one jump wait,held him for the count of 5,praised him and then released him. Over the next few shows I hope to extend the distance..fingers crossed.
My Mr reliable Woody got 2 places in the Agility..He's not comfortable at Mid Downs. he doesn't like the surface so never performs brilliantly, but he got an 11th and 14th,not brill for Woody but OK.
Disney was fab. He came 3rd in the Grade 5-7 Jumping. It was a lovely round(unfortunately not videoed) and only 1.3 seconds behind the winner , Natasha & Dizzy who is an ultra fast collie,so all in all not bad for a nearly 11 yr old hairy crossbreed !!
He wasn't quite so good in his Agility,he missed his A frame contact by quite a bit !!!!!
Homework needed....

Fozzie did lots of socialisation and playing with loads of other puppies there..it must be a bumper time for puppies !! he had a wonderful time, however he is already quite obsessed with the agility, and started to lunge and bark at the dogs going round. I really don't too much of this behaviour,it's nice he's interested but I don't want another barker at the ringside if I can help it. Hopefully at the next show he'll be over teething and I can encourage tuggy play ringside to distract him.


  1. raising puppy can be so frustrated sometimes especially when you comparing the new puppy to your older dogs. I am sure Fozzie is a fantastic puppy, all puppies are different. I am sure he will be your perfect dog before you knowing it. Well done at Mid Downs with Disney.

  2. Hi...like people all dogs are different and the only bit of advice i can give is just enjoy Fozzie..dont put any expectations on him and HAVE FUN, FUN, FUN...he'll be fab just dont worry about him...its OK being female (u not Fozzie) lol but we do tend to analyse too much...i just cant wait to see what colour he is going to end up being..